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15 Best Unblocked Anime Sites At School In 2024 | Latest


Even though there are many anime sites out there where we can watch anime for free but in Schools, there are hardly any anime sites unblocked from the fireball. Therefore, for all the anime lovers around the world, I have come up with the best-unblocked anime sites list at school to watch anime for free.

Most of the anime sites are blocked after our favorite Kissanime site got blocked in 2020. Many top free sites are being close on yearly basis. But don’t worry as once a giant falls many small players start racing with each other to become the next giant.

Therefore today I have come up with the best anime sites list that you can use at school without the need of using any VPN. But for some schools, it might not be as easy cause school fireball tends to differ school by school. So try every site and whichever you like the most bookmark them.

Here are the 15 best Unblocked anime sites at school to watch anime for free in 2024.

Unblocked Anime Sites Website Type URL:
9Anime Pirate Website https://9anime.city/
GoGoAnime Pirate Website https://gogoanime.ai/
Kissanimes Pirate Website https://www1.kissanimes.cc/
123Animes Pirate Website https://123animes.mobi/home/
AnimeHeaven Pirate Website https://animeheaven.ru/
AnimeFreak Pirate Website https://www.animefreak.tv/
Masterani Pirate Website https://www.masterani.one/
Soul Anime Pirate Website http://ww9.soul-anime.us/
Anime Frenzy Pirate Website https://animefrenzy.org/
AnimeLand Pirate Website https://www.animeland.us/
Crunchyroll Legal Website(Recommended) https://www.crunchyroll.com/
Netflix Legal Website(Recommended) https://www.netflix.com/
Contv Legal Website(Recommended) https://www.contv.com/
Amazon Prime Video Legal Website(Recommended) https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Video/
Funimation Legal Website(Recommended) https://www.funimation.com/

1. 9Anime


9Anime was and still one of the best places to watch free anime on the internet. Even though when Kissanime got blocked, the 9anime main site URL also got blocked. But cause 9anime had so many different URLs, it was easy for 9Anime to get back on track. Right now 9Anime is one of the best anime sites to watch free subs and dubs anime.

Pros of 9Anime website:

  1. 9Anime offers you to watch anime with 480p, 720p, and 1080p quality.
  2. It offers all the popular, trending, and upcoming anime in one place.
  3. The site servers are pretty fast and have a ton of collections of most of the anime.
  4. It offers both dubs as well as subs content in one place.

2. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime has been around a long time now and is providing constantly quality anime content. This site is by far one of the best and reliable sites to watch anime for free at school. This site has dubs and subs collection of different anime. In short, you can find many of your favorite anime on this site.

Pros of GoGoAnime Website:

  1. One of the few sites out there which offers all 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p quality options to watch.
  2. Gogoanime has a huge catalog of anime of both Subs as well as dubs collection.
  3. It also offer all the popular and trending anime on the homepage to watch.
  4. The site offers many servers to choose from to watch your favorite anime at school.

3. Kissanimes


I know what you thinking, unless you are living under a rock, all of us know that kissanime has got blocked and stop functioning. But there are still millions of kissanime fans out there. Therefore people take advantage of it and create a new domain with kissanime name on it. Even though the site is not at all near as good as kissanime was it still has some pretty decent collection of subs and dubs anime.

Pros of Kissanimes Website:

  1. The site server is pretty fast and provides a great experience for watching anime.
  2. Kissanimes site layout is similar to the old kissanime therefore it’s a very satisfying site to visit.
  3. This site offers nearly all quality options like 360p, 480p, 720p,1080p, and even the 4K version too.
  4. The site is in its early stage but seems promising for becoming a future giant.

4. 123Anime


123anime is one of its kind as it is one of the best anime sites to watch free anime. The site also has a pretty cool homepage to find trending and popular anime in one place. Similar to 9anime and kiss anime, the site has a huge database of anime to watch. You can find multiple quality in one place.

Pros of 123Anime website:

  1. The site offers a lot of anime in its database to watch similar to kissanime and 9anime.
  2. The site has similar servers of 9anime and kissanime so if you could toggle around you can find great speed.
  3. It offers many servers therefore you can find all 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and even 4k to watch.
  4. If any of the above sites are blocked or you can’t access the visit 123anime site, it’s definitely a great alternative.

5. AnimeHeaven


Animeheaven is one of the best unblocked anime sites at school right now. The site provides both subs as well as dubs anime to watch online. The site offers multiple quality content to watch but the home page of the site isn’t that impressive as with other sites on this list. Overall a great alternate for free anime sites.

Pros of AnimeHeaven Website:

  1. The site offers many anime to watch free and it mostly remains online throughout the year.
  2. AnimeHeaven provide HD content but there no other quality option to reduce quality.
  3. The site is good overall if you are looking to watch anime, nothing special and nothing bad.

6. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is another great site on this list with a great anime watching experience. The site offers a great amount of anime to watch and the quality of the site is also pretty high. You can find fast servers on the site to watch HD anime. You can also find many popular anime on the homepage which is a pretty good thing.

Pros of AnimeFreak website:

  1. The site doesn’t have many server option to choose from which makes it simple to use site.
  2. The quality offers on this site is HD and Full HD which is good for people who wants to enjoy the anime.
  3. The site homepage is filled with updated anime so you can watch whatever anime is the latest.

7. Masterani


Masterani is another great free site to watch anime for free. You can watch anime in different quality according to your internet speed. Not only that this site has a great recommendation for anyone to get started with watching anime. You will find most of the subs as well as dubs anime shows here. A great site overall in my opinion.

Pros of Masterani Website:

  • It offers different kinds of quality adjustments for you to watch anime according to your data cap.
  • The site has a good user-friendly design where you can find a good amount of anime recommendations.
  • A great alternative for whoever looking for a site to watch anime for free.

8. Soul Anime

Soul Anime

Soul Anime site is also another reliable site to watch anime online. Even though the user interface is not that good compare to other sites on this list. It still has a good amount of anime to watch. When you find that other top anime site is blocked or can’t be access then soul anime become a great place to visit and watch your favorite anime in school.

Pros of Soul Anime website:

  • Even though the site doesn’t look much good, it has good anime recommendations.
  • The site is pretty simple, Just select anime and play the anime in HD quality.
  • A great alternative to the top websites if they are blocked or somehow you can’t access them.

9. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy can also be considered one of the big giants when it comes to watching anime online at school. The site is a pretty popular site to watch anime therefore the main URL of this site might get blocked in your school. Therefore, always google its name to see what’s the latest URL is. Even though I myself will provide the URL, but you should be aware in case it’s blocked.

Pros of Anime Frenzy website:

  • It is a pretty big site with thousands of anime collections to watch.
  • It has different quality options to watch your anime according to your data cap.
  • A pretty popular site if not blocked then definitely give it a try.

10. Animeland


Animeland has been one of my favorites from a very early age. It is a site solely about dubbed anime. Back in the day, I used to download anime from this site and watch them whenever I had free time. You can still do that but I think there are better options out there now. This is a site for dubbed anime only so you will only find dubs here.

Pros of Animeland Website:

  1. The animeland is a great site if you are only intersted in dubbed anime.
  2. The site offers many anime with many anime movies in dub to watch and download.
  3. A small site where you only care for dubs, overall nice site.

11. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a very popular legal site where you can watch anime at a fixed subscription rate for the entire month. This site is known for its great collection of anime and small fees. It’s always recommended to watch anime on legal sites as these sites give some profit to the creators and creators can make their work more and more.

Pros of Crunchyroll website:

  • The site is fully legal and by watching on Crunchyroll website you guys will be helping the creator.
  • Crunchyroll has many great exclusive anime to watch compared to other legal sites.
  • The site is greatly optimized and offers everything that a user expects from a well-made website and app.

12. Netflix


Netflix is everywhere and you might have the Netflix connection but never have thought that you can also watch anime on the app. Netflix is available in most houses nowadays and if you ever had thought that those Original series aren’t made for you then try Netflix anime.

Pros of Netflix website:

  • Netflix is a well know site and almost everyone has a subscription to this site.
  • It got a lot of anime collections and Netflix also dubbed some anime from time to time.
  • If your Netflix is unblocked in your school then I highly recommend using it as it’s a good practice.

13. Contv


Contv is a legal site that is unique as it doesn’t force you to buy a subscription to watch anime online. It offers free anime with ads to provide a contribution to the creators. But the site is not available for everyone so if it’s available for you guys then make sure to visit and watch your anime on it.

Pros of Contv website:

  • Totally legal site to watch free anime in your school.
  • The site has a good amount of animes to watch and it’s pretty perfect for any beginner to watch.
  • It provides many other shows and movies to watch besides anime.

14. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video anime

As much as Netflix is famous nowadays, Amazon prime video is also getting very popular. Amazon prime video is cheap and offers many things that allow its members to be worth purchasing. You can also watch some popular anime shows on Amazon Prime video for just a small prime subscription fee.

Pros of Amazon Prime Video App:

  • The Amazon Prime subscription offers a wide range of benefits so it’s very worth purchasing.
  • This app doesn’t have too many anime but it’s increasing its catalog day by day.
  • You can find many popular anime to watch at different quality settings like 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

15. Funimation


Funimation is also a well-known site for watching anime legally. The site also offers subscription-based anime to watch for the whole month. This site has a ton of collections of new and old anime to watch in subs and dubs. You can find a large number of anime on this site if you could actually buy the subscription for this site.

Pros of Funimation website:

  1. Funimation has a large number of anime to watch in HD quality.
  2. This site also provides a lot of dubs and subs anime in one place.
  3. The site is very fast and the episodes for the anime are also updated within hours.


So these are the best anime sites you can watch your favorite anime on for free. I suggest choosing the legal as well as the top listed sites as they provide the best experience. If you have data cap on your Internet then I suggest using sites that offer multiple quality to choose from.

I don’t recommend using pirated sites as they often got blocked by govt or schools. But same goes with legal sites too as they can easily be blocked by your school firewall. Therefore I recommend trying most of these anime sites and let me know which works for you.

Comment down below to let me know which site you like. Moreover, I know I haven’t put some anime sites on this list as they mostly are blocked or their servers aren’t responding. So I suggest sticking to the sites that I have mentioned. Cheers.

Common Questions People Have:

What is the best site for anime?

  1. 9Anime
  2. Gogoanime
  3. Crunchyroll
  4. Kissanime
  5. Funimation
  6. Contv
  7. 123anime

Where can I watch free unblocked anime at school?

You can watch free unblocked anime at school on these sites:

  1. Contv
  2. 9Anime
  3. Crunchyroll
  4. Funimation
  5. Gogoanime
  6. 123anime
  7. masterani

Is Kissanime legal?

No, technically it’s a pirated site that takes someone’s else content and posts it without giving rights and any profits to the creators. It’s best to not rely on these sites as these sites get banned very often.

Is Kissanime shut down?

Yes, the official and main site Kissanime has been shut down now from 2020 onward. But there are still many Kissanime clone sites exists that are trying to provide the same experience.

Where to watch anime legally?

Sites to watch anime legally are:

  1. Netflix Anime
  2. Crunchyroll
  3. Funimation
  4. Amazon prime video
  5. Contv(Free)

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  1. Contv.When I enter this site,the screen turns dark and just loads,I have awesome wifi(I’m always right next to the source of my wifi)so I dont understand why this is happening.Is this what you mean by ”But the site is not available for everyone”‘?

    1. The actual theme of the contv site is black, and this problem may be happening with your browser, or maybe the server of the site didn’t work at that time. This is a pretty great site to watch anime legally so I suggest try again and this time uses a different browser. Hooe it helps you.

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