10 Best Unblocked Anime Sites at school In 2020

Best Unblocked Anime sites at school

When it comes to watching anime at school, most of the popular anime sites like Kissanime, 9anime etc are blocked. But today I have come up with a list of Best free unblocked anime sites for school to watch unblocked anime. This list consists of totally unblocked anime sites.

The anime industry has grown up a lot for the last 2 decades. Anime has spread internationally now and a lot of people around the world love to watch anime in their free time. A lot of students also love anime nowadays. But most of the anime sites are blocked in many schools around the world. So how to watch anime at school? If this question pops up in your head then don’t worry.

There are tons of free unblocked anime sites out there that provide free anime to watch. Not only that these sites are also easy to access and can be searched on Google easily. If you are excited to know about these sites than I have given a full list of best free Unblocked anime sites to watch unblocked anime at school. If any of these sites don’t work in your region or school then don’t worry, you can use free ways to access them.

Best Unblocked Anime Sites At School to watch Free Unblocked Anime

The given sites are mostly unblocked in many regions like the US, UK, Aus, India, Japan and more. But if anyhow these sites are blocked then you can also try using free VPN and Proxy sites. All of the details about these methods are given below this list. And if you are interested in watching unblocked movies or Unblocked Music at your school then make sure to check these articles.

1. ConTv

Unblocked Anime Sites

ConTv is one of the best legal Unblocked Anime websites at school. This site is previously known as the Viewster. If you are familiar with Viewster than you know this site provides free Movies, Tv-Shows, and Anime to watch. This site is a legal site, therefore, it is available free to use and mostly is unblocked in many regions.

The site got some great collections of anime to watch. But do know as this is a legal site, you won’t gonna find the latest and newly released anime here. You can watch the popular series for free on this site. It provides great options for users whose school has banned most of the top anime sites.

2. Unblocked Anime – Google Sites

Google Sites

Google Sites are one of the best ways to access Unblocked Anime in School. There are plenty of Google sites out there to watch unblocked anime at school. Basically some people download anime from popular sites and then upload them on Google sites. Doing this allows them to totally ignore school site blocking as most of the schools don’t block google sites.

There are plenty of nice anime google sites out there. But always remember that these can also be blocked by the school if they decide to block google sites. But we all know that’s hardly going to happen. So visit these awesome anime sites for your anime hunger. The cons of these sites are that they have a limited amount of animes to watch.

3. AnimeHeaven


AnimeHeaven is one of the best anime sites out there to watch free anime. This site is also unblocked in many regions including schools. If I have to choose the best anime website for schools then I most likely going to choose AnimeHeaven. It is a great site with huge collections of new and popular animes.

You can also watch your favorite Naruto or My Hero academia Unblocked on this site. These are just a fraction of anime that this site has. But bare in mind that although this site is awesome, sometimes the main address of the site can change. It might make you a little frustrated as you have to find it on your own. But don’t worry just search Animeheaven on google and you will find its latest address easily.

4. Anime Jack’s Paradise – Unblocked Sites

Anime Jack's Paradise Unblocked

Anime Jack’s Paradise is a popular Unblocked anime site based on Google sites. This site is also a type of Google site that provides some of the best animes to watch online for free. The best part about this site is the fact that it’s totally unblocked in schools. Excluding a few regions, this site is available everywhere. The site has a decent amount of animes to watch.

The anime on this site is not a lot in quantity but all the animes are good in quality. The site also offers you to watch free unblocked anime at school in full HD quality. The quality of the anime is stunning. Most of the animes work superbly with a decent net connection. The user interface of the site isn’t my liking but it doesn’t matter that much if you only want to watch unblocked anime.

5. Animeland

Animeland Unblocked

Animeland is a dub anime download site which is also unblocked in schools. The site only provides dubbed animes to watch but all the dubbed animes are in HD quality. The user interface of the site is also very good compared to other unblocked sites on this list. I also personally like Dubbed anime over subbed. But this is just about preference if you like subbed then try other sites of this list.

It is one of the best-unblocked anime sites out there which provide HD animes to watch and download for free. You can also download anime from this site. The anime library of the site is huge and you can watch most of the popular animes on this site. But of course, all of these animes are in English dubbed language.

6. GogoAnime

GogoAnime Unblocked

GogoAnime is another great option if you are looking for free unblocked anime sites. Anyone can stream free anime from this website. GogoAnime is one of the best free unblocked anime streaming sites out there. And of course, this site is also unblocked in most of the schools.

This site provides both Subbed as well as Dubbed anime to watch free. The user interface of this site is also pretty good looking. The site has a separate dubbed anime list which allows users to easily find dubbed and subbed anime. You can also search for your favorite animes using the search option.

7. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime Unblocked

Chia-Anime is one of the best Unblocked anime sites for streaming free animes. This site also packs a lot of good collection of animes. The library of anime is huge and provides free animes to download. The site has subbed as well as dubbed animes on its site. The site is fully unblocked in most of the schools. You can also download the latest episodes of animes and watch it on your Chromebook for free.

The list of animes on this site is great. The site has organized many animes in a great manner so that if you want to search or looking for a special genre type animes you can easily find them. Top animes like One Piece and latest anime like Kimetsu no yaiba are all available on this site. There are few animes which are missing from this site but you won’t gonna search them often as those animes are not popular at all.

8. Aninow

Aninow Unblocked anime

Aninow is the latest and one of the best sites right now to watch free unblocked anime at school. The site packs a lot of free anime to watch at full HD quality. I think this is really a gem for all the anime fans out there who want to watch anime in their schools. When I first visit this site I was surprised to see that it is so well made.

This site can be one of the best anime sites out there. It uploads the latest episodes of the newest anime every time it rolls out. This is one of the best feelings if you are a true fan of a certain anime. The servers of the site are awesome and it also provides multiple servers to choose from. You can choose your favorite server to stream fully unblocked anime on this site.

9. Proxy Unblocked Anime Sites

Proxy sites are those sites which provide a fake address to your ISP and let you serf a blocked site for free. There are tons of proxy sites out there that allow a user to check any blocked anime or other sites. Using proxy sites is very simple and fun. You can just simply visit the given proxy site and enter the URL or search for your favorite anime site.

It will automatically open up that site for you. The best part about these sites is that it can visit other sites too like YouTube, Netflix and more. But let me remind you that these sites can be a little slow to process. As these sites have to send data from one server to other the overall experience might become slow for you.

Visit Proxysite.com or Kproxy.com

10. Use VPN


VPNs are most of the common ways to unblock any type of site. If you want to watch unblocked anime or movie sites than using a VPN is the easiest method for you. You can also visit unblocked anime sites too that I have mentioned above but if you want to use a special site only then I recommend using a VPN.

For VPN, I recommend using Nord VPN as it has both free as well as paid VPN services. Most of the time free VPN can help you a lot but if you are a heavy user and need high bandwidth then you can also use their cheap subscription. A premium account gives you a lot of further features to watch unblocked animes but if you are happy with a free account then stick with it.


So there you have it guys, these are my favorite sites or ways to watch unblocked animes at school. I personally like Animeland and Aninow as these sites got a great collection of animes to watch for free. But I also gonna recommend using ConiTv as this site is legal and provides awesome anime contents.

Make sure to first check the best anime sites to stream free anime like Kissanime, 9anime and so on. Because many times I have seen some schools only block a few top anime sites and left many top anime sites unblocked just because they don’t know these sites exist. Check them and try the sites I have mentioned above.

If you like playing games then don’t forget to check the best-unblocked games sites at school too. You can also play pokemon fan games if you want. If you like pokemon games then make to check out best pokemon ROM hacks with mega evolution games. All of the games are free to play.

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