Best unblocked manga sites at school

10 Best Unblocked Manga Sites In school to Read Free Manga In 2023

There is no doubt that watching anime and grasping their storyline is a great thing to do in your free time. But do you know most anime are based on some popular mangas? Manga provides a great and broader view over a storyline. So if you are looking for some great manga sites then here are the best Unblocked manga sites in school for anyone to read stories in depth.

In some schools the security or fireball is high and some of the mentioned sites might be blocked in them. So I suggest change the site and use other sites given in this list or you can actually use VPN to access these sites. Even though I’m pretty sure most of these sites will be unblocked. You can also check out the best unblocked anime sites to watch free anime in your school.

10 Best Unblocked Manga Sites In School For Free Manga 2023

1. Manganelo


Manganelo is one of the top unblocked manga sites right now these days. This site also provides you to log in and save your favorite manga in one place. The site is used by millions of users and the interface is also decent. The search functionality isn’t great in my opinion and finding a decent manga to read of a specific genre is not easy.

Pros of Manganelo site:

  1. The site allows you to log in and save your favorite manga in one place.
  2. The site has pretty fast servers to load the manga pages.
  3. It has a pretty big collection of manga to read.

Cons of Manganelo site:

  1. The site interface is not that great to find any decent random manga to read.
  2. The ratings are broken on the site, some manga is trash, and rated pretty high.

2. MangaOwl


MangaOwl is another great site to read free and unblocked manga in one place. The site is mostly unblocked in many regions and you can access it easily. The interface and recommendations of the site are also great. The advanced search option is also available out there to search for a specific type of mangas.

Pros of MangaOwl site:

  1. The site has a huge collection of manga to read.
  2. The site interface and rating system are good and it recommends great mangas.
  3. It has decent servers to access manga at a decent speed.

Cons of MangaOwl site:

  1. The site is not that great in terms of reading manga as the manga doesn’t cover many areas of the screen.
  2. You sometimes feel some manga to not be able to load.

3. Zinmanga


Zinmanga is a popular unblocked manga site to read manga online. The site offers a decent collection of manga to read and the interface is also somewhat decent. If you have no problem with pink color then you might gonna like the interface of the site whereas I personally don’t like pink color interface sites. Otherwise, a decent site to read manga online.

Pros of Zinmanga site:

  1. The site has a decent collection of manga to read.
  2. The site mainly is famous for romance manga so you can find some great romance collection manga here.

Cons of Zinmanga site:

  1. The recommendation doesn’t feel great and mostly consists of the romance genre.

4. Viz


Viz is known for being a legal site to read manga online. I won’t be surprised if this site is blocked in your school as it’s pretty famous and moreover legal. Being a legal site, you won’t find many mangas here and you will surely gonna find it irritating for paying to read the latest chapters. But if you wanna support the creator of manga then you should definitely use this site.

Pros of Viz site:

  1. Viz is a legal site means whenever you read manga here you actually support the creator in a way.
  2. The site covers most of the top popular manga to read.

Cons of Viz site:

  1. Limited collection of manga to read.
  2. Need to pay for some manga’s latest chapter which could become irritating for some people.

5. MangaFreak


MangaFreak is a great unblocked manga site to read free manga online. This is a great website to download manga of any of your choice. I personally use this manga site to download free manga sometimes. If you fear you can’t get internet for too long then just use this site to download the latest chapters of your favorite manga. This will let you read your manga later on.

Pros of MangaFreak site:

  1. The Mangafreak site is a great site to download any manga that you want.
  2. There are many mangas to choose from on this site to read online or offline.

Cons of MangaFreak site:

  1. The site user interface isn’t that great at all.
  2. Sometimes the download for some manga isn’t available.

6. is another good website if you wanna read manga online. But honestly, this manga is suited for more adult content than normal ones. Even though I don’t have personally any problem with adult content but most of the theme on this site is usually based on similar genres like romance, yaoi, shojo, and all. You can still read other top manga too but it tends to promote adult and romance manga more often.

Pros of site:

  1. The one pros and cons of the site is the fact that you can read adult manga here.
  2. You can find some really good romance, shojo, and other category mangas here and the recommendation is also good.

Cons of site:

  1. As I said it offers adult manga so if you aren’t comfortable or 18+ then you should not use this site.
  2. The site’s main front page also promotes heavily adult manga which is a distraction if you aren’t looking to read them.

7. Mangakakalot


Mangakakalot is a great manga site to read manga online. Personally, I would have suggested it to be one of the top 3 sites to read manga online. But to be honest there is something that always makes me confused about this site. The site sometimes hosts some manga on its own domain but sometimes it sends you to read manga on Manganelo. I think Mangakakalot and manganelo are not owned by the same person therefore they can interlink both sites.

Pros of Mangakakalot site:

  1. The site is a very popular site having a lot of manga to read online.
  2. The site has a good interface and the suggestion of new manga is also good.

Cons of Mangakakalot site:

  1. Mangakakalot site seems a clone of manganelo site either this or vice varsa.
  2. You can sometimes find a duplicate manga on this site with same name and same content.

8. Mangastream


Mangastream is another great manga site to read manga in your free time. This site isn’t as popular as other sites on the list above so it is very unlikely to be blocked by any school or govt. So you can read unblocked manga on your school using this site easily. The site also lets you bookmark your favorite manga whenever you want.

Pros of Mangastream site:

  1. The site is less likely to be blocked by any institute or any govt entity.
  2. The site lets you bookmark your favorite manga in one place.

Cons of Mangastream site:

  1. The recommendation of the site for any users is bad like half of the suggestions are good only.
  2. Annoying ads are a little too big of an issue in this site.

9. MangaBob


MangaBob is a nice manga site to read free manga online. The site is also not that popular so it has a huge chance of not being blocked in schools and other govt entities. You can read manga from this site from most of the region except for North Korea that is. Well, the site interface is good and it also has ratings for you to decide which manga to read next. Overall it’s a good website.

Pros of Mangabob site:

  1. The site has many mangas to read from and it also provides ratings for users to choose what to read.
  2. The site also provide you to read novels at the same place.

Cons of Mangabob site:

  1. Even though it provides ratings for manga but many times high rating manga are also turned out to be below average.
  2. The user suggestion of manga aren’t that great as I have experienced some people might like it but not for me.

10. H.mangairo


H.mangairo is the last one on this list of unblocked manga websites. This is one of the top 10 websites to read manga online. This manga site is good in terms of manga collection and the monthly trending suggestions are also pretty great. You can find some good manga on this site to read. Even though the site isn’t as famous as any of the other manga sites on this list, it still has a good collection and user experience.

Pros of H.mangairo site:

  1. The site has good suggestions of manga to read in the home page.
  2. The site also has facebook comments to discuss about a manga chapter or the overall manga.

Cons of H.mangairo site:

  1. The site doesn’t have any ratings for any of the manga so its hard to see which manga is good.
  2. It somehow feels like it has scrap the data from manganelo site as all of its hot manga list look same to same with manganelo. Seems very fishy.


So there you have it guys, these are the best unblocked manga sites in school you can use to read the free and unblocked manga. I know some of these mangas sites can be blocked or unavailable in some regions but most of these are gonna work fine. If a site doesn’t work then try the next site as it’s unlikely that every site on this list will be blocked.

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If you like this post and find these mangas helpful then comment down below and bookmark this site as I’m gonna share my favorite manga as well as manga anime related stuff for you to watch and read. This site also provides details about sites that provide unblocked content in schools, colleges, or any other govt entity.

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Comment down below to let me know which manga site is your favorite?


    1. you can also try some different sites to read manga online but if any of these sites aren’t working then your school must be using really strict policies. I recommend searching for proxy of any of these sites that I mentioned as it might help you to read them in your school.

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