15+ Websites to Watch Series Online Free 2020

We all love to watch series online free that is the reason why we are on this page. I have a list of some of the best sites from where you can watch series free online.

Searching for some trusted sites for watching series for free can be a hassle sometimes. Most of the sites nowadays have changed so much so that they have turned into pure cash grabbers. They are filled with ads and malware which is lurking around the corner.

There are 15 + websites on the list, each filled with tons of content to watch. You can watch full episodes of your favorite series online for free without any hassle. Unable to find what you were looking for on one site? Well, you can try another. I have not sorted sites by any specific order so feel free to visit every website.

As for ads on sites that I have listed, most of them do have ads, but they are non-intrusive(fewer ads and no pop-ups). And if a site has too many ads or pop-ups, it is marked with a [pop-ups!] tag, enjoy.


If you are constantly looking for sites to watch series online for free, do consider bookmarking this page. I will be updating it very frequently for updates on new sites and changing dead links etc.


Starting the list we have:

1. TheWatchSeriesTV

watch series tv

The watchers have one of the nicest catalogs of various genres of TV Series and Show out there. The site is very popular among people due to its simple design, lesser ads and a vast variety of series to watch. No need to worry about dead links anymore while watching a series here.

The watch series provides you with 20+ hosts for a single episode. You can choose any one video host which you like and enjoy your favorite series.

To check on the schedules of a show or series, simply click on the Schedule tab on the top bar and select the day of the week. They update this page as soon as they upload the latest episodes.

There are almost no adverts on the site at all; the only thing that you need to look out for are the ads on video hosts.

URL: https://thewatchseries.tv/


2. PutLocker

This list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of putlocker. putlocker is one of the best sites to watch series for free online. The site has existed for a long time, and during that time it has made a place in the hearts of millions of people.

The reason is the high-quality content, and Millions of people visit the site daily and enjoy their daily dose of entertainment. They are more known for their collection of movies, but they do have a good library of Series and TV shows. Along with TV shows and stuff, you can also watch Netflix series documentaries, etc.

They provide exclusive shows and series from services including Netflix, Hulu, Prime and more.

URL: http://putlocker.cl

3. SeeHD

SeeHD provides hassle-free access to series which you can watch online for free. They have a nice selection of series, TV shows etc and have high speed streaming servers of their own. It is very easy to search for a TV/Web series and you can also filter titles by popularity/trending etc.

URL: http://www.seehd.pl


4. Crackle

sony crackle

Crackle is a free-to-use & legal media streaming service by Sony Entertainment. They have tons of great content that you can watch online for free.

Even if the content is limited, they do have some popular and even some exclusive series that you can watch. The quality is one of the positive points about crackle. They allow you to stream in 1080p Full HD and also support subtitles.

One thing that you might want to keep in mind that as of now, it is only available in US and Canada. But no need to worry as a VPN can quickly solve the problem.


5. TubiTV

Tubi is one of best free sites out there which provides TV series and stuff for free but still is completely legal. To enjoy the full experience of the TubiTV, you need to create an account on their website. By creating an account, you can access all of the content which they have with some extra user-only perks.

They have tons to series to watch, including their exclusive ones. Tubi is legal and free to use and relys on ads to keep its services running.


6. Yahoo! View

yahoo view

They use HULU to provide you with the latest series and shows to watch, but it also makes it somewhat limited. It appears that they only have streaming rights for the US currency. But users outside the United States can access their service via VPN. As for the content here on view, you can watch some popular shows including some live Shows, TV Series, Movies, etc.

Unfortunately, yahoo view does not provide full episodes of their content on mobile. You need to visit the site using a desktop browser.


7. DWatchseries

Most of the new episodes that they upload are in at least 720p. Which is decent enough considering they usually add new episodes within 15 min of initial airing. One other reason for the popularity of this site is that it works very well on mobile devices.

You can watch movies, Tv Shows, Series and even some anime on WatchSeries. If your content isn’t loading try changing the server, just be aware of any ad that may pop up while doing that.

URL: https://dwatchseries.org


8. Solarmoviez

solar moviez ru

On solarmoviez, you can watch tv shows and series for free without any cost. They have most of the popular series for you to watch online. The site’s layout is decent very good and gives you enough info about a series/show before you start to watch.

On the right side, next to the player is a menu from where you can select the ‘server’ and the episode you want to watch. I faced only a couple of ads while streaming using ‘Openload’ so I would also advise you to do so.

Solarmoviez or its video hosts have some ads which can rune the experience for some people. But overall their content quality is excellent and have tons of series and also various TV shows that you can watch.

URL: https://solarmoviez.ru


9. 1movies

Onemovie is a well-known site for watching full episodes of shows online. It is known for its quality and on-time uploads. It also means that it blocked by many ISP’s around the globe but no need to worry as it is still accessible by VPN’s.

You can stream your favorite shows in HD quality (720p), and along with that, they support subtitles.

Search for the series that you want to watch else you can also browse for the top titles on their site or IMDB. You can even check when new episodes are going to air or when an older one aired.

There are some in-screen ads on 1movies, like the ones you see on YouTube. They also show some ads reminding you to buy their premium subscription. Other than that the site is very good to watch series online.

URL: https://1movies.is


10. SWatchseries



This is the current URL for the infamous Watch-series site. If you don’t know watch-series is a well-known site for watching series online. You can find most of the stuff that you watch without any problem, even recently aired episodes.

Just be aware of the pop-ups and the click baits. Don’t click on the Watch now button, instead of scroll down and select one of the available video host links.

URL: https://swatchseries.to


11. Alluc


Alluc is a simple search engine where you can search for your favorite series or shows. Alluc will return your query with all the available links for the episodes of the series/show in question.

They have tons of ads on their site(static). Also there are a couple of pop-up ads on the video page itself. Still the site is very good considering the quality of video host links that it provides. There is always an alternative link to the episode if one is down.

URL: https://alluc.uno


12. Housemovie


house movies

You can catch-up with most of the latest and favorite TV shows on housemovie. The site is relatively new and has content from all genres. They provide you with movies, series and sundry of TV shows to watch.

They have pop-up ads similar to the other sites with the embedded openload player so be cautious.
(Notice: if you are getting redirected to a page which is asking you to sign up and stuff, close the tab and try another host. The selected host is probably down and is redirecting you to pop-ups.)

URL: https://housemovie.to


13. YesMovies

Yesmovies have a large collection of various genres of series. You can find TV series, exclusive shows from NetFlix, Amazon Prime, etc. You can check popular movies, shows, and series by visiting their top IMDB page.

The quality of the videos here on yesmovies is good if not great. They focus more on movies, but the TV series part of their site is also updated very frequently.

Popups situation is similar to the watch series TV, a couple of ads on video hosts but not many on the actual site.

URL: https://yesmovies.org


14. Ice Films

Icefilms is one of the unknown sites that not many people know about. I stumbled upon this site when looking for something entirely different and fell in love with it.

Icefilms has one of the best versatile media collection that you can find right now. They have Movies, Tv shows, Series, Web series, Exclusive titles, Anime, cartoons, and other media as well. You can either watch series online or download episodes from their file hosts.

They also have a very active forum where you can interact with other people who share the same interests as you.

URL: https://icefilms.info


15. NewEpisodes

They have a very clean interface which is easy to browse and is free of any advertisements. As for the series episodes, you can find most of the latest releases on their site with the highest quality video prints.

They use online video sites to host their stuff on an there are usually more than five links for each episode so no need to worry about the availability of the stream.

Because of their popularity, this site and its video hosts are banned by many ISPs around the globe, so you might want to use a VPN to browse this site.

URL: https://newepisodes.co

16. Telepisodes


The UI of Teleepisodes is friendly and uncomplicated. The simple website design makes it easy for users to navigate around and search for their favorite series or show.

They don’t focus much on providing info about the eps or the series; Instead, they fetch and index links where you can watch the series online for free or even download in some cases.

On their homepage, you can find pre-aired and all of the currently airing episodes with series and episode names.

URL: https://telepisodes.org


17. Cafehulu

Cafehulu, another good tv series website on our list with a ton of content and a good n flashy design scheme. One cool thing about cafehulu is that they have more than a dozen links (video hosts) for a single episode of a series.

Meaning if a link goes down, you still are left with over 20+ other stream links to choose from. This makes the content stay ‘active’ and ‘accessible’ for a longer amount of time.

Looking at the quality of the website and the content that they are serving, cafehulu is one the hidden gem type of site. Not only for series lovers but for anyone who likes to watch a lot of movies, series, shows, and even anime. There are no intrusive/pop-ups ads on the cafehulu site itself but a couple on the video hosts.

URL: http://cafehulu.com



Apps to watch series online on the go:

Here are a couple of apps to watch a series if you don’t want to open a webpage whenever you want to watch a series. Using these apps, you can watch series on a player of your choice (Such as VLC or MX). Sometimes you can even save episodes on your mobile for offline watching.

PopcornTime (PC)

15+ Websites to Watch Series Online Free 2020 3

Popcorntime is a well know opensource, free-to-use streaming app for PC/Mac/Linux. You can watch full seasons of your favorite series here.

It works in the same way as torrenting works, but instead of downloading episodes it streams them. It ensures that you get the best quality possible and also the latest episodes as well.

URL: https://popcorntime.sh/

Update: Popcorntime now also available for mobile devices. (Android/iOS)


Showbox (Android/iOS)

Showbox is like popcorntime, but for Android and iOS. You get HD streaming of your favorite shows and even movies with many features like subs and many more. You can also use any player of your choice with Showbox (e.g. MX Player).

It is currently the best app for streaming episodes on mobile, but if you want, you can also check out this list of top apps like Showbox.

URL: https://showbox.fun/



Here are some Points to keep in mind when you are using the above sites to watch tv shows online, I would recommend that you read them before surfing the sites.

1. VPN (safety and unblocking)

Using a VPN while watching series online for free increases your level of safety by a ton. VPN can also be used to unblock certain sites which are currently not available in your country. Using a VPN, you can also bypass any blocking such as ISP blocks, blocking done by institutions, etc.

Most of the good VPNs are paid, but some offer trial plans. I will suggest you go with tunnelbear as they provide 500MB free data for a month for new users.

2. Illegal

Some of these sites which provide you with shows series etc. for free, even if they don’t host content on their websites, they still fall in the grey area. If you don’t want to deal with any of this, you can try the free “legal” service like Tubi and Crackle. You can also give Netflix or Prime video a chance as they offer one month free trial of their full services.

3. Don’t download anything Suspicious

I have only listed the sites which are trustworthy & are safe to visit. However, it doesn’t take much time for things to change. I would advise you that you don’t download anything from these free tv series streaming sites. You show even avoid downloading episodes from these sites.

4. Ad blockers

The last thing that I want to discuss is about the ad situation on these websites. While visiting most of the sites on the list, you won’t be needing an ad-block. Still, I would suggest you to at-least enable it on the sites which are tagged with the [pop-ups!] tag.

Here are links for a couple of good ad-blocking extensions for browsers.

Most of the sites on the web (like ours) solely depend on the income from ads. So it will be very kind of you to disable ad-blockers on sites with less, non-intrusive ads.


Some sites are legal, and some are not-so-legal, but I have tried every single site which in on the list and all of them are working fine. I have tagged the sites which have pop-ups, and as for viruses and malware, there is none on the sites or apps listed above.

But things may change over time so do leave a comment if you want me to change a certain area of the post or if a site is no longer working. This list is always open to suggestions. Comment down below if you know any other sites like the ones listed above.

For the ending note, I just want to say that this post is for informational purpose only. Supporting/Spreading piracy or other similar activities/services is not our intention.


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