Best Websites to Watch Movies Online Free [No Download] [2020]

Watching movie is one of the best ways to pass the time. There are thousands of site on the internet where you can supposbly watch movies online for free. So you may be wondering, why I am writing this post when there are so many sites out there.

The reason is simple, even if there are so many sites out there, most of them are filled with advertisements. I know these websites need the ad revenue to survive but there is a limit to everything and the websites out there cross this limit by showing pop-ups, spammy ads and other intrusive advertisements and ultimately making the whole user experience bad if not worse.

Some sites out on the web are even unsafe to visit. There is also the content and the quality. That is why we have decided to write this post on the best websites where you can watch movies online for free.

List of Best Sites to Watch Movies Online for Free


1. Putlocker

Best Websites to Watch Movies Online Free [No Download] [2020] 9

Putlocker is one of the oldest movie sites where you can watch all the latest movies online for free. The site has seen many ups and downs and despite all, is still standing tall. On putlocker, you can find all genres of movies, shows, series, and stuff. They have a huge library of movies which you can stream for free from their website. As for the layout, it is user-friendly and is very easy to navigate around with. The website’s design is responsive and it loads well in all kind of devices.

One advice that I would like to give you is to ignore the “register to watch” type of ads. Instead, to watch the movie, scroll down on the movie page where you will see a player and a number of video hosts (servers) to choose from.


2. IceFilms

IceFilms is the perfect place to watch movies online for free. The site claims that they have 99% active links, high-quality uploads, and faster streams.

All of their content is hosted on third party servers (video hosts) and can be streamed for free. Most of their content is either on Openload or FileUpload, both of which are very reputable video hosts.

At the time this post was written, there were no intrusive ads or popups of any sort on icefilms.


3. Yts.AM

Best Websites to Watch Movies Online Free [No Download] [2020] 10

Yiffy is the holy grail movie site for anyone who wants to watch movies, both new and old, in highest possible quality. Yiffy (Now known as used to upload early movie releases on various torrent sites before. Now they still upload to the torrent sites but to get the latest releases and titles first, you can visit their site. has a very clean, simple and responsive design. As for the content, they have a hugeee library of movies that you can download (torrent) or stream for free. You can watch movies in 1080p 720p, and 480p.


4. MovieNinja

Movieninja is new is the game but is already entering the domain of best sites to watch free movies domain. One thing that we really like about their site is that it is fast. There is no delay in the stream and the pages also load in a snap. The Interface is also clean. there are a few to none ads on the site, no popups at all. You can sort movies by their popularity, release date, and their trending rate.

Another good thing about this site is their servers. They have very nice video hosts with almost no broken links & good loading speeds.

5. Yahoo! View

yahoo view

View is free to use movie streaming service by Yahoo. They have a mix of content available on their website. As for the movies, on yahoo view, their collection is not that, to be honest, but considering that they do not charge for their service and the quality is also decent, it is not half bad.

They use Hulu as a content delivery network and have movies in the same quality and resolution. Currently, they are only available in the United States but they may decide to expand their area of service soon.



Best Websites to Watch Movies Online Free [No Download] [2020] 11

The archive is unlike any other sites on this list. Instead of being a movie site, it is an archival service with hundreds and thousands of movies that you can watch or download for free. There is no way to sort any movie by genre, date, category etc. Instead, you will have to use their search feature to find a movie by its name.

On Archive, you can find most of the new movie titles in variable qualities. And if you are into old, documentary movies and stuff then you will really like Archive. And because it is not a ‘movie’ site and also has some useful research/study material, the changes of it being restricted/blocked in your locality are very low.


7. Netflix

Netflix is a big name in the game. Everyone knows about it and I am sure that you also have heard about it somewhere before. They have a very huge collection of movies which their subscribers can watch for free. They also have a lot of exclusive movie titles that you can stream from their app or website.

Most of the new movies end up in Netflix first and can be streamed from their app/site in full HD quality(depends on your plan). While they are not completely free, they do provide 30 days of free trial for new customers.


8. TubiTV

TubiTV is a free movie streaming service by a former Fox TV Chairmen. They have a decent collection of movies that you can stream for absolutely free from their site.

Along with movies, you can watch Tv shows, Series, Cartoons, Anime and more. They also have an exclusive section on their website called “Not on Netflix”, which, you guessed it, shows exclusive stuff which is not available on Netflix.

TubiTV also has an app, named ‘Tubi’ which is available on Android and iOS. To sync your content between your devices, you can create an account on their website.


9. Crackle

sony crackle

Crackle is a free media service offered by Sony Entertainment. They have a nice library of movies and stuff that you can watch for free. While they don’t have all the latest movies, their is still some iconic movies that you can stream from there. Crackle also has its own Exclusive movies and shows.

I have been using crackle for some time now and one of the most annoying things were the ads. There are no ads on the website itself, but they have in-video ads. On the app, they are somewhat bearable but the whole ad situation gets worse on the site.

Just like TubiTV, they also have a mobile app that you can get on Android and iOS devices.


10. fMovies

fmovies is a very popular movie site which recently went down (inaccessible) but is back again. Searching for a newly released movie? Well then fmovies is the place to look for.

They have a huge collection of movies of different genres, language, that you can stream for free from their site. You can search for movies by their release date, genre, language, popularity and of course, name. They have a dozen domain names but the main one is the one that we have listed and it is the one which is up n’ running right now. But still might want to use a VPN because of the censorship or ISP blocks.

11. SolarMoivez

solar moviez ru

SolarMoviez is another popular movie site where you can watch and stream movies, series, and shows. They have all kinds of movies on Solarmoviez. You can find action, adventure, horror, sci-fi, and all other various genres.

There are two versions of this site. One is a simple search page while the other one shows you all the latest and popular movies that they got. The ad situation is under control here. Only a couple of popups and that too at the video host.


12. Youtube

Some of you may be wondering, why put youtube in a movie list? Well, the answer is not that surprising. Youtube is a very popular platform where you can watch videos uploaded by other users.

You can find all kinds of movies on Youtube, different genres, language, and quality. Sometimes many users also upload copies of new movies (and even old) to the video sharing platform and you can watch them there online without any additional cost.


13. GoMovies

Best Websites to Watch Movies Online Free [No Download] [2020] 12

The GoMovie site went down a couple of months ago and has not been resurrected since then. This ‘mirror’ site of gomovies has the same good quality movies and similar stuff to watch. The quality of the movies are is very good. As far as the ads go, there are a couple of popup ads (on the video server) but other than that there is nothing to complain about this site.

Gomovies has a responsive design which works great on both desktop and mobile devices.


14. PopcornFlix

You can find all kinds of movies on popcornflix. They have sci-fi, action, adventure, horror, comedy, romance, mystery and much more. They also have their own exclusive movies that you can stream for free. The video quality is decent enough considering that they are a legal website and provide everything for free.

Just like most of the websites that we have mentioned, Popcornfix is supported by ads. But the good thing is that they are in-video ads and not the ‘flashy’ ones or the popup ads.


15. Classic Cinema Online

Last but not the least we have ClassicCinema. As the name says it is a movie site where you can watch the 80s,90s, all that classic old school stuff online. They also have a decent collection of old ‘silent films’. Most of the movies that they have are hosted on youtube. The video quality varies from movie to movie but overall they have decent quality movies and the good part is that they all can be watched for free.



How to Unblock Movie Sites?

Some of these online movie sites can be blocked by the ISPs of your country. Or sometimes institutions like schools, library etc also block access to these sites on their premises. Fortunately, there are many many workarounds that you can do to bypass these blocks. The first and easiest one is to use unblocked movie sites. These sites are usually not blocked by any ISP and can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Using a VPN to Unblock Movie Sites

A VPN, on the other hand, will work most of the times and allow you to watch movies for free anywhere. There are a ton of VPNs out there, both free and paid ones. You can get yourself a subscription-based VPN but a good free VPN can also get the job done. One VPN that I would recommend to you is the Tunnel Bear. They have both free and paid plans.

Using a Proxy

Using a Proxy is one of the ways to hide your browsing location. Here are we are going to talk about proxy sites. ISPs, most of the times, forget to add these sites to their blocklist. The sites that I would recommend you are ProxySite & Kproxy; They are free to use and don’t use intrusive advertisements.



Best site to watch movies for free?

All of the sites that we have listed are the best free movie sites out there but if you want to know about the best of the best and our personal favorite then it has to be putlocker. They have good content, quality uploads and latest movies.


Are these sites Safe?

You may be thinking Are these free movie sites safe? The answer is Yes, and also no, Let me explain. All of the sites that we have listed are safe to visit. However, some of the sites on the list have some intrusive pop-up ads which might prompt you to enter your details or try to take you to a ‘external‘ site. So you will have to be careful when surfing around on some of these sites.

Also, make sure to copy movie site links from our site, don’t go googling the names. The reason is that sometimes, the ‘original’ sites don’t appear on the first page of google and you might stumble upon a fake/bad clone of the original website.




There you go, this concludes our post. It took us hours to find websites to feature on this list and and all of the listed sites are some of the best free movie sites out there. The list is also not in any particular order so feel free to check every website that we have listed.

Know about a site that you think should be on this list? Comment down below to let us and other users know.

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