Unblocked Music Sites, Latest and Working ones [2020]

Why do we need unblocked music sites? We think that music is available everywhere and it is accessible to everyone. But it is not always the case, especially when you are trying to load your favorite music site from a restricted network such as a school or workplace. Most of the time, network admins of these places have blocked access to particular music site for various reason. As a result, most of the music sites fail to load.

Along with the list of some best unblocked music websites, I will also show you, how you can bypass any blocking of music sites and access your favorite music websites without any restrictions at the end of this post.

Let’s get started with the list of the best unblocked music sites of 2019.


1. MusicPleer

First, we have MusicPleer have used this website in the past and let me tell you, it is lit!. You can find almost any song, regardless of the age of the song, the genre or the artist. They fetch their downloads from various music sites on the internet, and usually, there is more than one streaming source available for a single song

They keep changing their domain from time to time, so it gets a little hard to block them. If you are not able to access Musicpleers website from the link above, a quick google search will take you to their home page.


2. Jango

Jango, another radio site on our list. The reason for me adding all these sites is because they are generally not blocked by schools or any other places where music sites are usually blocked. They do not work like real radio, but the concept is similar. You pick a genre or an artist, and the station starts playing. Next songs are chosen based on your genre choices or the artist that you have selected.

Coming back to the topic, jango is a nice little website which you can use to listen to music without any restrictions; Even when you are connected to a campuses wifi where music and other entertainment sites are generally blocked by default.


3. PlaylistSound

All of the ‘currently trending’ songs are on the home page of PlaylistSound; from there you can play them online for free. The quality is decent (320kbps I believe) and there are no buffering and so page load issues. PlaylistSound also provides lyrics for the music that you are playing.

No need to signup on anything, just visit the website, search for a song, click play, and enjoy your music. As you would expect from a good music site, PlaylistSound is responsive, dynamic, and loads in a snap.


4. Slacker

Slacker, a well-known but generally unblocked music site on our list. You can find channels like daily top hits etc. and you can also select a genre. Other choices, like sorting by popularity, by genre, etc. These channels(or stations) are like playlists, you can start playing a song and the next recommended songs will autoplay, Just like when you tune into a real radio station.

Overall, slacker is an excellent online music service which happens to be unblocked. However, there are some country restrictions on slacker. As of now, Slacker is only available in US and Canada.


5. BlueBeat

Another excellent unblocked music site on this list. On Bluebeat you can find a ton of music to listen to. Newly released music can also be found here. You can sort music by the genre, artist, & also search for albums or songs in a specific album.

If you create an account on their site, you can also create your playlists and listen to them regardless of your location or device. The only downside of this site, in my opinion, is the fact that you cannot fast forward through the songs, which is also the problem with some other free music sites. Other than that, their service is outstanding.


6. FreeMusicArchive

Free music archive is unlike any other site on the list. Instead of serving popular work of well-known artists, it servers copyright free songs from various independent artists. It is a great unblocked site to listen to the work of artists that which may be are not that much popular, but still produce songs which are worth listening to.

As the website is not that much popular, it is one of the best unblocked music sites for schools, colleges, and other institutions. You can access it from pretty much anywhere. For this reason, I would suggest that you give this site a try, who knows if one of the songs on freemusicarchive becomes your new favorite.


7. Internet-Radio

Did you know that you can listen to various radio stations around the globe on the go? There are many websites which prove you live streams of radio stations on your device, internet-radio is one of them. It is a well-known site for listening to radio online; you can stream all of the available stations without any cost. You can also search for a particular song, artist, or album and start listening to music.

The good thing about internet-radio is that despite its popularity, no school or institution seems to block this site.


8. SoundClick

While you will not find the work of popular artists on SoundClick, you can find new music by rising music starts here. All the music is free to stream and does not require any subscription at all. Just search for the music that you want and Soundclick will present you with a lot of song and artist recommendations.

The site is fun to use and lets you listen to unheard music for free. It is also unblocked so is accessible from anywhere. Downloading is also enabled on some titles so you can take them offline to enjoy music on the go.


If you have a favorite site that you use to listen to music from and need to access it from your school or workplace or anywhere, you can use these methods to unblock it.


Unblocking using a VPN:

Using a VPN is one of the easiest ways to “unblock” a website.

There are a couple of ways by which you can access the internet through a VPN. You can install a VPN on your computer, or you can also install an extension on your web browser (Browser extensions only work when you browse the music site through the browser. To use VPN on a music app you will need to install the VPN application on your device).

If you are on your phone and connected to a network which blocks music sites ( or app), you can install VPN app on your phone and then access the music site.

If you are a casual listener, I would recommend the Tunnel Bear VPN, it is free and provides a quota of 500 MB data per month. But if you want to up the game, you can try their premium plan. (BTW not sponsored by them, just posting because of the good service that they provide.)


Accessing music sites via a proxy:

VPNs, they may be much safer to use but using a proxy site is one quick, and also hassle-free. They are safe, easy to use, and works most of the time.

I would recommend proxysite.com or kproxy.com, they are two of the best proxy sites out there and have a couple of different server locations that you can choose from.




There you go, this concludes my post on the best unblocked music sites out there. Finding unblocked music sites which actually work is very hard. So if any of you guys know any good music site which is not blocked and is not on this list, write down in the comments, and I will add it to the list.

Most of the websites listed here have a meager chance of being unblocked so you should be able to access them and get them working regardless of your location.

If not, you can use a VPN or a proxy site to bypass the restriction on music sites. What I like to use are proxy sites, no additional software or special instructions required, just visit a proxy site, put the name of the music website that you want to unblock and voila!

Anyways thanks for reading, if you want you can check other articles on our site and if you are reading this from a school or a workplace, there is a time and place for everything. Peace.

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