Top 10 Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Meta In 2019

Best Marksman In mobile legends

When it comes to deal damage in late games, Marksmen are really a beast in Mobile legends. There are many Overpowered Marksmen in Mobile legends.

The speed of a marksman to deal damage in a few second is incredible none the less. Whenever I used a marksman in the ranked game, I play usually with a clear mind.

As we all know marksman is very overpowered in late game so whenever the game comes to the late part, I start to dominate the game with my marksman hero.

But marksman is a late-game hero and very squishy too. So don’t jump into the team fight without checking the situation. You can get easily killed by any assassin or fighter if you don’t pay attention.

There are many top ranked games which even don’t prefer to use marksman in their game as they want to end the game as soon as possible.

But due to some really OP marksman heroes released, now many rank game usually choose to have at least one marksman in their team.

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if you want to dominate your lane or the game, be sure to master these top Marksman in Mobile legends. Always remember, fed as fast as possible to dominate the game.

Here are the Top 10 Best Marksman In Mobile Legends Right Now In Meta to Play In 2019.

1. Kimmy


Kimmy is an overpowered and most banned marksman in Mobile legends right now. This hero is the first mage/ marksmen type in mobile legends.

Kimmy can deal magic damage as well as physical damage. Most often players tend to build magic items for this hero to deal with early game damage.

Many marksmen in today’s meta are the late game hero or we can call beasts. But Kimmy is an early/mid game hero with high damage.

Most of the marksmen tend to depend on mana in the early game. But Kimmy is a special marksman which do not use mana at all.

Instead of using mana Kimmy use energy like Fanny. So Kimmy doesn’t need to go back to base to heal her mana. While playing Kimmy make sure to adapt to the situation and change your build as the requirement.

2. Claude


Claude is another overpowered marksmen in mobile legends right now. This hero is very agile and hard to kill due to its second skill. Claude has one of the most overpowered ultimates in mobile legends.

Claude can burst your HP down in few seconds. This hero is a nightmare for high HP heroes. Claude depends upon demon hunter sword for most of its damage.

This hero has insane attack speed in mobile legends. Claude only needs to build a demon hunter sword and it can start killing the enemy instantly.

When you play this hero, choose battle spell according to the game. If there are lots of crowd control heroes in the enemy team, then choose purify.

Usually, Aegis is also a great spell for more sustainability for Claude in battle. This is a great hero so make sure to master it.

3. Karrie


Karrie is another great marksmen in mobile legends meta right now. A good fed Karrie player can easily kill the whole enemy team in seconds.

Karrie is a nightmare to tanks. This hero can melt down tanks in seconds. Karrie has one of the best burst damage in mobile legends.

This hero has a great passive. You can simply spam your passive using your ultimate and attack speed items. Choose a good build to burst down tanks and other enemies.

Purify or Aegis might be the best battle spell on Karrie right now. The only thing you need to concentrate on the start is that build your items as fast as possible.

After that, you can deal a lot of damage using items or your passive. Your passive deals true damage so no shield can protect your enemy from your damage.

4. Hanabi


Hanabi is one of the most pick marksmen right now. She is beautiful and has great skills damage. Hanabi has some really great skills that allow her to be more fearsome in mobile legends.

Her ultimate is a great skill that spread like fire in the forest. Honestly, this hero is very annoying to play against. Hanabi passive allows her the immunity against crowd control a little bit.

Her first skill also has built in lifesteal that allow the user to be more sustainable in the battle. This hero is loved by many players due to the fact that most of the time, it’s not banned in rank games.

You can buy this hero and master it. This hero has great skills and in the late game, she is a beast in term of damage. Make sure to put affords to learn her combos.

Always check minimap for ganking and try to stay with your tank or fighter. Her passive also gives her extra movement speed that is a big help in chasing the enemy or running away.

Make sure to feed fast as Hanabi is a mid to late game hero. Don’t try to protect your tower alone from a gank. Check out the tutorials on youtube to learn this hero.

She is a great choice in rank games because of her OP damage and abilities to runaways easily. And most importantly she isn’t banned in games nowadays.

5. Moskov


Moskov is a very powerful marksman in mobile legends. This hero has a stun ability that most of the marksman in mobile legends don’t have.

He has one of the longest stun in mobile legends game right now with up to 2 seconds. In the late game, Moskov can easily kill squishy heroes in less than a second.

This hero has been for very long in the mobile legends now and is considered one of the best marksman. It is also probably one and only marksman right now with a stunning capability of 2 sec.

There is also some other marksman who can stun but none of them can stun enemy up to 2 sec. This hero can clear lanes very fast due to its great passive.

So make sure to clear minion waves fast and start farming. As Moskov is a late-game game hero, you should always try to feed this hero as soon as possible.

You can also use this hero ultimate to kill the running enemies whos HP is low. You can choose any of the top players to build for this hero.

Make sure to check some top Moskov players gameplay to get an idea of his skills and combos. Never start a fight without knowing your teammates and enemy position.

Play this hero as every marksman should be played. Don’t try to engage or start the fight on your alone with more than a single enemy. Master this hero and you will soon reach the mythic league.

6. Irrithel


Irrithel is another overpowered marksman in mobile legends right now. This hero is a late-game monster in terms of damage.

Irrithel is known for its insane damage so make sure to feed this hero as much as possible. Like Kimmy, this hero can deal damage while running.

This hero is also used in rank pretty often nowadays for its high damage output. I can say easily say that a pro Irrithel hero can literally kill the whole enemy team in a few seconds.

Irrithel is a very annoying hero to play against. In the late game, sometimes with a proper build, the damage from its critical attack can be more than 3000.

That’s very insane damage and you can’t do anything about it in the end if you against Irrithel in the late game. the only thing this hero lacks is mobility.

You always need to position yourself in a better manner. You need to be more careful from assasions as they always tend to kill marksman and mage first.

This hero is also very squishy to kill. A pro assassin’s one combo can easily kill this hero. If you can’t use your skills and basic attacks to deal damage what’s the point of having that insane damage.

But that doesn’t mean this is a bad hero. You just need to pay more attention while playing Irrithel and you are good to go. Master this hero to win every match with your team.

7. Granger


Granger is an upcoming marksman in mobile legends original servers. This hero at the point I am writing this post has not released yet.

But by the gameplay and skills description from advanced servers, I can easily say that this hero is also going to be one of the best marksmen in mobile legends.

This hero can deal with some really insane damage and has mobility from his second skill. This hero pauses a little while doing basic attacks after a certain number.

But the pause is very little and you can neglect that considering his OP skills. His first skill right now is a very OP skill with insane direct damage.

Every time Mobile legends released a new hero, it tends to be more overpowered than the rest of the heroes. There can be many reasons for this but you can consider that Granger is also going to be overpowered.

If you are reading this post late in this year then always try to learn the newly released marksman as they tend to have more power than the rest of the heroes.

Granger is not released here right now, but if you have the chance to buy this hero than go for this. IT is gonna be one of the best marksmen in mobile legends in future.

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8. Lesley


Lesley is a good marksman right now to play with. This hero was very OP back when it was released in mobile legends.

This hero had pretty insane damage in the late game but mobile legends nerf this hero a lot. That being said, this hero still has insane damage in the late game.

Even in the early game, Lesley critical attack really hurts. Lesley has a very unique ultimate that allows her to deal with critical attacks on a running target of low HP.

If you used Lesley ultimate at the right moments you surely going to get a kill. her first and second is also good. The first skill is my favourite skill of Lesley.

Her First skill allows her to get untargeted from auto attacks. This can be critical in a one vs one battle. Try to always stay behind your tank or teammates.

As Lesley is a very squishy hero, she can be easily killed by an assassin in one on one fight. Lesley critical attacks are the main source of her damage so make sure to buy a critical damage item.

you need to position yourself well while playing this hero. Check minimap for more details and ganks. Master this hero as this hero is the only Assassin/Markman hero in mobile legends right now.

9. Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin is a great marksman if you master him properly. This hero has great damage in close range as well as in the long range.

After getting buff on his first skill, he has become a very powerful hero to play with. His passive is a very unique passive in mobile legends.

Not only this allows Yi Sun Shin to move faster but also stun enemy heroes. His ultimate skill is a great way of getting assists or kill if used at the right time.

This hero ultimate also allows your team to get the position of the entire enemy team. It can be crucial to know enemy position sometime so make sure to master him.

His second skill also acts like a sniper where you can deal damage on a long range. His passive gives him the extra damage that he needs to secure the kills.

He is a late game hero so farm this hero as fast as you can. Don’t afraid to engage the enemy in close range too. After all his passive provide huge damage in close range for you.

10. Bruno


Bruno is another good marksman in mobile legends right now. This hero is not as powerful as other marksmen on this list but he is a decent hero if played with carefully.

Bruno is known for its critical damage and it’s passive also allow him to deal critical damage. Moreover Bruno ultimate can become a nightmare for low HP enemy heroes who are trying to stay with their teammates’ sides.

But Bruno lacks his attack speed and damage compare to other marksmen on this list. He has a great escaping or stuns second skill. You can use it to either stun enemy or escape from a tricky situation.

This hero is not an overpowered hero but rather a common hero. In low-rank games, you can play this hero aggressively.

But in most of the top rank games, it isn’t so common to use this hero. But due to his ability to get out of the tricky situation and decent damage, this hero is in my top 10 list.

This hero is very easy to learn hero so you should be fine while playing this hero. Remember to position yourself in a good situation and you are good to go.


So there you have it guys, these are the best marksman in mobile legends Meta right now. You can choose any of these heroes to rank up instantly.

Before playing marksman in mobile legends, you should know that Marksmen are overpowered heroes in late games. A good marksman can easily kill the whole team in the late game.

So you should always try to farm your hero as fast as possible. There are many players who like marksman in mobile legends including me.

If you are playing marksman in mobile legends then make sure to have a good team composition. Try to predict your enemy and their moments to play safely in the early game.

There are many overpowered heroes in mobile legends that make this game harder as well as interesting to play. You can also check the top 10 overpowered heroes in mobile legends in meta right now to know them better.

I am a Claude player and love this hero. You can also choose Kimmy or Karrie if you want my favourite recommendation. Hanabi is also great but I hardly used her so can’t say much.

So which marksman is your favourite to play?