Sites Like G2A And Kinguin – Top 10 Safe Alternative In 2019

Sites like g2a and Kinguin

When it comes to buying Gaming keys online, most of us are well familiar with G2A and Kinguin sites. Both of these sites provide cheap and discounted deals on many games.

Whether you like it or not, there is no doubt that both of these sites have an incredibly low price on many new and popular games.

But like you and me both know that buying games from G2a or Kinguin might sometime be troublesome. So before buying anything from any of these sites, make sure to check the seller ratings.

Usually, there are a lot of sites out there who claim to provides the safe and best price of the games keys. But as you know, most of these sites are not trustworthy at all.

So, therefore, I have searched and prepared this list of top sites like G2a for the cheap and safe gaming keys. This list is based on my personal experience as well as users ratings.

Many of these sites are popular sites and has a really great price and discount on popular games. Make sure to visit and compare the prices of all the sites as you like.

When buying games online, you should make sure to follow some rules to be on safe sides. These rules are not any type of official rules but rather my personal preference.

Rules For Buying Games online On any site:-

  1. Make sure that the site is well known and has good ratings. You can find any site rating on google. Small rating site isn’t trustworthy for your money at all.
  2. Check out the prices and the games that the site offers. Many sites don’t have many games on sales or on deals so make sure to check the availability of your desired game.
  3. Buy games only from a trusted seller. Most of these sites have individual sellers so make sure to confirm seller’s rating. You can also buy games only if you have trust on that seller.
  4. Compare prices of your games on different platforms or sites too. Comparing can also save you a lot of money easily.

So these are my personal rules that I follow to buy any of my favourite games keys. If you have any other suggestion then feel free to let me know in the comment.

Always remember that these sites provide a great price on games key and other stuff but most of the time, you gonna find the biggest discounts on special days.

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So I recommend buying games on special days more often. Personally, I use Gamivo site the most. It’s a new site with an amazing price on games.

I also use G2a as my second favourite site for great regular deals on games. But you might have already used this site so I suggest using any of the given sites from the list.

Don’t forget to follow the given rules above for better and safe experience on any of Games selling sites. There are also some new sites with the great potential to become your favourite site.

Here are the best Sites like G2a and Kinguin for cheap gaming keys in 2019.

1. Gamivo


Gamivo is one of the best and a rising new site for some of the best deals on games. This is my favourite site now to buy any new games online.

This site has some of the best and cheapest deals on big games and newly released games out there. It has a huge catalogue of top games with a huge discount of up to 90%.

I mostly use this site to buy games at a lower price than other sites. The exciting thing about this site is that most of the sellers rating is great. And for me, all of my gaming keys were legal.

If you are buying for the first time or looking to buy games safely then follow the above rules and you are good to go. You can also use its customer protection program which cost very little extra money.

I highly recommend using this site first if you want some really great offers on your favourite games. This site is even better than G2a and other games selling sites in my opinion.

Benefits of using Gamivo site:

  1. The site has one of the best offers on any popular games including pre-sales offers.
  2. The site is a legal site and trusted by millions of users daily to buy gaming keys online.
  3. It has many offers on a daily basis and on special occasions, the discount on games can go up to 90%.

Cons of using Gamivo site:

  1. The only drawback I can see using this site is the additional customer service fees that might increase your game final price. But if you are feeling insecure it’s better to buy this protection.

2. Kinguin


Kinguin is a well-known site for buying cheap gaming keys online. You can buy most of the upcoming and popular games on this site at a very low price.

Kinguin has very good ratings from its customers. I like this site for many reasons. The new user Interface in Kinguin is very good in my opinion and makes it easy to buy games.

You can always choose the old user interface if you don’t like the new one. Kinguin has some great deals on popular games. On the festival seasons, the site provides some Jaw-dropping offers on big games.

This site is a well-known site for many years now. For many new users or gamers who want to buy games from a trusted and well-known site then Kinguin is for you.

 Benefits of using Kinguin site:

  1. Kinguin is a well known trusted site and has a rating around 4 out 5 stars from almost 20,000 customers.
  2. This site has great deals on a daily basis and on sales days for some big games titles.
  3. The site has a smooth user interface and allows users to buy games on the genre basis.

Cons of Using Kinguin site:

  1. This site also has very low cons and the only drawback it has right now is its extra buyer’s protection charges which can be of 5% of the game price.

3. Cdkeys

Sites like G2a

Cdkeys is another big name in buying games online. This site has a really great rating on Trustpilot is recommended for every new or old user.

Cdkeys provides multiple platform games keys to buy at a cheap price. There are many great offers on PS4, Pc or Nintendo games.

This site has a simple user interface to navigate and buy your desire platform games. But I personally don’t like it’s user interface as it’s not as good looking as other top sites like G2A.

The offers on this site are quite good and it has a very loyal fan based. Most of the users who has used this site recommend me multiple times to use it for a safe and value for money purchase.

While using Cdkeys, you don’t need to worry about seller’s ratings as most of the keys on this site are delivered by themselves.

Benefits of using Cdkeys site are:

  1. This site has a great trust score on Trustpilot around 5 out 5 score which is even better than the Kinguin site.
  2. The site has multiple ways to complete the transaction and works in most of the well-known countries.
  3. There is no extra fee for customer protection fee and the delivery of the keys is also super fast.
  4. One of the most trusted site to buy any gaming keys online right now.

Cons of Using Cdkeys:

  1. The site is not as big as G2A site due to the lack of proper marketing, therefore, there are few gamers who know about this site at this time.
  2. The user interface is not as good as other sites and you see fewer games on the homepage to Buy.

4. Scdkey


Scdkey may sound similar to Cdkeys but is actually a completely different site. This site is also known for its great sales price on big games.

Scdkey has a better user interface compare to Cdkeys and allows the user to interact with the site more openly. This site also has a good score on Trustpilot of around 4 out of 5.

Scdkey has a membership program that provides exclusive offers on games and extra other benefits. The membership has separate offers for users to take advantage of.

This site has a unique system for its users to buy games and points. The points come in the form of EXP and allow users to get different benefits using their EXPs.

Overall the price for the games on this site is considerable value for money. There is also no need for worrying about seller’s rating on this site as the site provide all the keys itself.

Benefits of Using Scdkey Site:

  1. Many great offers on big games and its VIP members can also get extra discounts on many games.
  2. Provides EXP points for every purchase you make on this site, these points can be redeemed for many extra benefits later on.
  3. The Site provides most of the keys by themselves so there is no need to worry about seller’s ratings.

Cons of Using Scdkey site:

  1. The site doesn’t have good offers for normal users, you need VIP membership for getting the best of this site.
  2. The customer support for normal users is not fast and as good as for the VIP members.

Visit Site Now.

5. Mmoga


Mmoga is another big giant in buying gaming keys online. The site provides multiple platform gaming keys with instant delivery.

The best part about this site is that it provides gaming currencies to buy online. There are numerous great offers on gaming in-game currencies on this site.

Mmoga provides daily exclusive deals on many big games titles for every user. Many games on this site have a fair value for money price.

This site is the best site for anyone who is looking to buy gaming currencies and games together. The user interface of the site is also lightning fast.

The Trustpilot also has a pretty good score for this site of around 4 out of 5. But in overall it’s better than Kinguin and G2A.

Benefits of Using Mmoga Site:

  1. Great deals on big games on a daily basis including different bundle offers.
  2. Superfast gaming keys delivery in just 5 minutes.
  3. The site provides most of the games keys by themselves so you don’t need to worry about the seller’s ratings.

Cons of Using Mmoga Site:

  1. A relatively small collection of games to buy compare to G2A or Kinguin.
  2. The site might not get good offers on festivals to compare to other big sites.

6. Instant gaming

Instant Gaming

Instant gaming is another big site to purchase games keys of multiple platforms. You can find many games on sales from different platforms on this site.

This site has good offers on different big games from the top sellers. You can expect some really good offers on sales day from this site.

The user interface of this site is simple but personally, I found its user interface too simple. I don’t like it because, in comparison with the G2A interface, it simply fades away.

The good thing about this site is that it has a relatively pretty high trust score on Trustpilot site. Most of the reviews on this site are great and it’s a pretty good thing.

Personally, I have used this site a few times but the experience was great. The customer service on this site is pretty nice too. So if somehow you stuck at something their service can help you easily.

Benefits of Using Instant Gaming Site are:

  1. The site has great offers on multiple top games from different platforms.
  2. Instant gaming has some of the best customer services for any problems you faced on this site.
  3. The site has an incredibly fast delivery for the games keys.

Cons of Using Instant Gaming Site are:

  1. You might not find your gaming title you are looking for some times due to lack of games on the store.
  2. The site has some high price on some top games compares to other sites like gamivo.

7. Gamersgate


Gamersgate is another site on this list due to its popularity and some good offers on different games. This site is not in the favourite list because most of the times on big titles, the games are relatively high priced.

This site has a lame looking user interface in my opinion but some people may like it. The navigation and game suggestions are good overall.

The best thing about this site is that it has great offers on different genre games. Not only that, you can find some really awesome deals on games which are not much popular.

You may not find good deals on the newly released games but you can find good deals on popular old games. The site also offers Blue coin system which might help you buy more games later.

Benefits of Gamersgate site are:

  1. The site has a fast and secure service for every game you buy from it.
  2. This site has big offers on some old popular games and the newly released indie titles.
  3. The site has a blue coin system that let you get more benefits later on.

Cons of the Gamersgate site are:

  1. The site doesn’t have good offers on newly released gaming keys or titles.
  2. The site also lacks some big titles from its database like Battlefield 5 and more.

8. GreenManGaming


GreenManGaming is a well-known site for gaming keys online these days. The site holds more than 6600 games titles from different platforms.

The site has multiple big games titles sales on a regular basis. The price of the games on this site is also cheap compared to many sites.

The user interface of the site is gorgeous and I personally loved to surf on this site for new titles. You can also expect nice discounts on the newly released games on this site.

The site is a well-trusted site for gaming keys and has a great trust score on Trustpilot site. You can expect some really great services from this site.

Benefits of using GreenManGaming Site are:

  1. The site is a trusted site and has some really great reviews on many top Rating sites.
  2. The site has great offers on newly released games and big titles on a daily basis.
  3. GreenManGaming is known for its great offers and variety of games available on its site.

Cons of the site are:

  1. The offers on the games are good but not as good as other top sites like Cdkey.


GOG.Com is a site similar to the steam site which provides great games to play. The site has a good collection of top games and provides many indie games on big deals.

The site provides PC games only which can work with windows, mac as well as with Linux OS. This site also has big titles exclusive to only this site.

Overall is great in terms of gaming titles. But still, this site has a lot of titles missing and doesn’t allow users to buy them.

The user interface of the site is pretty nice and smooth. But the lack of big title games might dissatisfy some gamers. This site can be considered a good alternative to steam and G2a.

Benefits of GOG Site are:

  1. GOG provides great deals on different types of new games.
  2. This site has some exclusive games titles that you can play from this site.
  3. The site has great customer service if anyone gets in trouble with anything on this site.

Cons of GOG site:

  1. Limited games titles to play on this site.
  2. Need to download separate GOG Galaxy to play all the games from this site.

10. GamesRocket


GamesRocket is a popular site for gaming keys at cheap price. This site is known for its nice deals on newly released games as well as on some popular titles.

This site has a good looking user interface for better navigation and good games suggestions. You can also find daily deals on some top games on this site at a cheap price.

The site not only provides games to buy but also provides many gamecards and different software to buy. So if you want a giant site to buy most of your need this site is good for you.

The price on the site is not as good as other sites in comparison. This may be because this site provides so many things that it’s hard to provide the best price for certain games.

Benefits of Using GamesRocket Site are:

  1. GamesRocket site has great customer service for your any purchase.
  2. This site also provides great deals on newly released games.
  3. The site also provides gamecards to buy as well as software for your pc.

Cons of Using GamesRocket Site are:

  1. The offers on this site are not as good as other sites provide except for new release games.


So there you have it guys, these are some of the best sites like G2a and Kinguin you can find and trust to buy games online. Make sure to follow the rules I have mention before buying any game.

Each site has their speciality and its very hard to just say that certain site has the best price for any game. But like all these sites if you want to buy games online I still gonna recommend Using G2A.

G2A has mostly great price deals on big titles and provides a wide range of games for you to buy. So if you can then stick with G2a for buying games by following the rules mentioned.

Other than G2a, I recommend using gamivo and Cdkeys for the best deals on games and Mmoga for the best deals on games’ currency. Make sure to compare every site price for better deals.

So which site do you like from this list? Comment down below to let me know.

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