Sites Like CdKeys: Top 5 alternatives In 2019

Are you looking for some similar sites like Cdkey where you can find some really great games deals on cheap price? Today, I am going to show you some great sites like Cdkeys site for buying games keys at a cheap price.

Cdkeys is known for its great deals and one of the best customer service for its products. The site is accessed worldwide and has many players fans. The site has good deals as well as customer service with fast delivery to satisfy your needs.

But as with every great site, many players also start looking for alternatives sites which can provide similar experiences like Cdkey. There are numerous sites which claim to provide some really great deals on big games but in reality, has a poor user experience.

Therefore, today I have come up with the top sites which have similar deals like Cdkey and also has their own unique features. You can expect these sites to be as good as Cdkey or even better in some cases.

Personally, I love to use Cdkey site for multiple purposes. The best thing I like about this site is its genuine keys collections. Almost every key I have bought from this site is a genuine key or working key.

There was one key once which wasn’t working and the customer support of the site is too good to be true. That’s why many players like me love this site to buy new games.

I have also used some really great sites which are pretty good in their own services too. Personally, I like Mmoga for buying digital goods for games and G2A and Gamivo for buying any new games.

If you are looking for buying new games from similar sites like Cdkeys then these sites might gonna help you. Make sure to check every site speciality and compare their price before buying any games.

Here are the best alternatives sites like Cdkeys for buying gaming keys at a cheap price in 2019.

1. G2A

G2A is a well-known site in the gaming industry where users can buy games at big discounts. This site is known for its huge discounts on games and digital goods.

This site has a large user database. Many players love to buy games from this site on a regular basis. For me, I also love this site’s jaw-dropping offers on games and other gaming stuff.

If you ask me, then G2A is one of the best sites right now to buy any new game for any platforms. The site offers many platforms games to buy at a great price.

The overall rating of this site is also incredible. You can check sites like G2A for more alternatives. There are also some cons on this site too.

The keys on the site are sold by different sellers so there is a chance of you getting spam if you don’t check the ratings of the sellers. Before buying anything on G2A, check sellers’ rating first.

2. Kinguin

Kinguin is another big site for buying games at a cheap price. The site has some incredible price on some big popular games.

This site also has great ratings on many platforms. It is known for its great service and fast delivery of the games. This site has many things common with the Cdkey.

Even though recently its ratings are getting down but that’s not a big issue as it has a large database of games and its been around for quite a few years now.

Kinguin has a great user interface. The new user interface is personally better than the old one. The navigation for buying games is easy.

If you are looking for a good site which is around for quite for a few years in this industry then Kinguin might be your one of the best choice to make.

3. Gamivo

Gamivo is a new site for buying games at an incredibly cheap price. The site provides many games to buy at large discounts.

This site is my personal favourite site for quite some time now. The site has a pretty looking user interface to check out the best discounts games.

It also has great ratings on top sites for providing great deals on games and other gaming stuff. You can find big discounts on big gaming titles easily.

The site is also known for its incredible daily deals on great titles. You can expect a new title sale every day on this site easily.

This is a new site but despite that many new players love to use this site more and more. I am also included in this list of this site’s loyal fans.

Check the seller’s ratings and you are good to go. For everyone who is looking for a good alternative to Cdkey, Gamivo might be the best alternative for that user.

4. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a great site for buying cheap games in bundles. This site is a very popular site for buying new and top games at heavy discounts.

The site lets users to buy either one game with a normal discount or to buy multiple games bundle at a great discount. In bundle games sites, Humble Bundle might be the best site right now.

This site has a great user interface with easy to access games sections. You can find your desires games sales easily using the search option.

The best part about this site is that it can help you buy more games at heavy discounts. There are also books on this site to buy if anyone interested.

The only drawback it has is the fact that you can’t decide the bundle games or the individual games discounts is pretty normal.

5. Mmoga

Mmoga is a site which is known for its great deals on gaming goods and keys. There are many games which have great deals on this site too.

The best part about this site that I like is the digital goods of the games can be bought at a very good price. The gaming currencies of multiple popular games are available at cheap price on this site.

The site also allows users to buy games on the daily discounts. All of the games on these sales changes with time. You can find your favourite game keys on this daily sale.

Mmoga is my favourite for the in-game currency of the games to buy. So if you play a lot of popular games and looking for discounted gaming currencies look no further.


So there you have it guys. These are the best sites like Cdkey you can use to buy games at great discounts. For anyone who is a fan of Cdkey site, these sites will not be going to let you down.

I personally like using G2A and Gamivo site more than other sites on this list. All of these sites are great in terms of discounts on games so make sure to compare them for the best deal. Also, check the best-unblocked movies sites to download free movies.

Cdkey is a great site and none of the sites can be similar to Cdkey. But most of these sites have their own uniqueness and are the most similar ones.

If you looking for some other sites like Cdkey then these sites must going to satisfy your needs. Make sure to check sellers’ rating before buying anything.

So which sites do you like the most?