10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Mega Evolution In 2021


Pokemon Rom Hacks with mega evolution

If you are looking to play a Pokemon game, then you can never miss playing some of the best titles in Pokemon GBA ROMs. But most of these ROMs lack Mega Evolution. Therefore, today I have come up with some of the best ROM Hacks with Mega evolution. Every game on this list has something unique for you to look for.

Although there are many great Pokemon ROM Hacks out there with great stories and Pokemon. Most of these are not good to play. So you mostly ended up with some old Pokemon ROM Hack which lacks many new features that we need today. There are also many bugs in the new Hacks.

Pokemon ROM Hacks are getting amazingly big and good with the storyline and other great factors of pokemon games. So today these pokemon will surely be going to make you play them again and again. All of these games have mega evolutions and have many new pokemon to play with.

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Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Mega Evolutions In 2021

1. Pokemon Mega Adventure

Pokemon Mega Adventure

Pokemon Mega Adventure is one of the best completed Pokemon ROM Hacks with Mega Evolution Pokemon. The game has many things to love about it. The game has around 721 Pokemon to play. That’s a really huge number. These pokemon also include Mega evolution pokemon as well as legendaries pokemon in the game. This game also features some Gen 7 Pokemon too to play with.

The game also supports all the mega stone for your Pokemon Mega Evolution. Did I forget to mention that this game also has a mega bracelet? A special pixie stone for Eevee is also available in this game. The storyline of the game is pretty simple and follows the usual story.

You also get three starter Pokemon like most of the ROM Hacks Provided. The game has about 5 Gyms in total. So don’t just waste your time, start playing this game. This is one of the best Pokemon ROM Hacks to play with mega evolution pokemon. Therefore, I highly suggest playing this game in your free time.

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2. Pokemon Fire Ash

Pokemon Fire Ash

Pokemon Fire Ash is another great Pokemon ROM Hack with lots of mega evolution Pokemon to play with. It is another big Pokemon game with Pokemon over 800. Well, that’s a really big number out there. The game has around 7 gen pokemon to play with right now. Basically, the game follows the anime story throughout the gameplay.

The one thing that I know is that it has around 50 Gyms to battle with. You can teach abilities up to 5 gen and move up to 7 gen in this game. There are also over 100 TMs moves for you to teach your Pokemon. There is also Ash Greninja in the game, so make sure you play with it.

The game has Alola forms. An interesting thing about the game is that there are no HM moves now. For all the gamers who want a large but well thought Pokemon ROM Hack to play, this is the best completed Pokemon Rom Hack for you. So just start playing.

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3. Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon  Reborn is another massive Pokemon ROM Hack game to play. The game has a stunning storyline and a large number of Pokemon to play with. This game is one of the best Pokemon ROM Hacks with shiny pokemon. The game has all 21 starter Pokemon to play with. It also has more than 800 Pokemon in the game.

The game also provides online battles to play with other players around the world. You can play this game with your friends too. The game has some really beautiful songs in the gameplay. It also provides 18 types of the gym to challenge. That’s a lot to take in at ROM Hack. Talk about a massive Pokemon Hack.

The game is free to download and is one of the best Pokemon ROM with gen 7 pokemon. The storyline of the game is also unique and exciting. If you are looking for a complete package for any game then this is a very suitable game for you. Don’t miss the time-limited events in the game for some really exciting prizes.

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4. Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon gaia

Pokemon Gaia is one of my favorite pokemon ROM hacks. It is considered one of the best pokemon ROM Hack by many players. The game has been awarded many awards for its great storyline and gameplay. The game has around 721 Pokemon to play. There are also many mega evolution Pokemon to play with.

This game is known for its great storyline and vast new features. You can consider this game a complete package for your hunger for Pokemon games. You can find mega evolution throughout the region and can also perform in-game mega evolution on many pokemon. Talk about sweet features.

The songs in the game are also unique to listen to and have many new competitive items to use. Overall the game is a masterpiece of the Pokemon ROM Hacks. You also need to know that not all pokemon are capturable. You can only capture a fraction of pokemon in the game. Maybe that’s another factor for this game to be so good.

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5. Pokemon Zeta and Omicron.

Pokemon Zeta and Omicron

Pokemon Zeta and Omicron is a new Pokemon ROM Hacks version with mega evolutions to play with. These games are both developed using RPGMXP. Both of these games are special because these games are special pokemon ROMs. These games are not your usual Pokemon ROM Hack which needs an emulator to play.

The game also has your favorite mega evolution Pokemon to catch and play with. The Pokemon are up to Gen 5 so make your selection of pokemon carefully. Currently, both of these games are in their public beta so there might be a few bugs in these games. But that’s not a big deal considering the wonderful gameplay of these games.

These games have approximately 80 hours of playtime so you can play these games for a pretty long time. Make sure you enjoy the game as you play.

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6. Pokemon Mega Power.

pokemon Mega Power

Pokemon Mega Power is a great ROM Hack with mega evolutions. As the title has already provided the hint that this game is going to feature Mega Evolutions pokemon. The game has many new pokemon including some Gen 7 pokemon. The game also features many new features over the usual Emerald version of the game.

Pokemon Mega Power is filled with many new regions to explore. These new regions contain Ivara, Lande, Sevil Island, and much more. There are also some new gyms to fight for. You can expect some really great fights in these gyms. Make sure to visit most of these Gyms in the game.

Start exploring the vast regions of this game with Gen 7 Pokemon and many Legendary Pokemon to catch. The gameplay of the game is also pretty long. I highly recommend playing this game if you are looking for Mega Evolution Pokemon. Don’t stay behind in catching your favourite pokemon with mega evolution.

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7. Pokemon Insurgence.

Pokemon Insurgence

Well if you have played Pokemon Fan games before then you might know how great this fan-made ROM is. Pokemon Insurgence is one of the best Pokemon games out there to play. Pokemon Insurgence has a pretty unique and interesting storyline to follow up on. The game has many features with regular updates from the community and developers.

This game provides many new features and new regions to explore. The game has over 722 Pokemon to catch and play with. Which includes all the Pokemon up to Gen 6. The best part about the game is that it has Mega Evolution. So you can find many mega evolutionary stones in the game. Make sure to find the best Pokemon to mega evolve.

For all the mega evolutions lovers out there, this is a full package of thrills and excitement. The only drawback I found right now is the fact that there is no Gen 7 Pokemon. What do you think about this game not having any Gen 7 Pokemon? Well, truthfully I am still in love with this ROM Hack so I don’t miss these pokemon that much.

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8. Pokemon Uranium.

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is a really great Pokemon ROM Hack to play. The game is a new Pokemon ROM Hack so make sure to play this. I really love to play this game because it has some really exciting features in the game. The game is also loved by many players.

The game has Mega Evolutions pokemon to play with. But the most exciting part about this Hack is that it is a small ROM Hack with really cool features. The game provides many sidequests to perform if you are looking for more fun in the game. It also has a Poke Radar which provides a tool to search for special pokemon.

It has around 190 Pokemon to catch in the game. The game is neither big nor small to play. There are also Custom Game Modes in the game which provide a different experience in the game. But one thing you need to know is that the game also has some mature content. There are also some mature scenes in the game that might be not appropriate for some gamers.

Other than that, I really like this game and hope you also going to like it. For all those gamers who are looking for a nice Pokemon ROM Hack to play with mega evolution, this game is for you.

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9. Pokemon Planet

Pokemon Planet

Pokemon Planet is one of the best games to play in my opinion. The game has really great graphics and great game design. This game is known for its features most of the time. There are many players who love to play this game mostly for its amazing graphics and gameplay.

The game is in 3D shape and has some really cool graphics. You need to know that Pokemon Planet is actually an MMORPG game. So the thrill of playing this is going to be pretty good. The game is very popular around the world. There also mega evolution Pokemon in the game for you to play with.

This is not a game with lots of pokemon or battles but rather it is a game with awesome gameplay and graphics. Make sure to play this 3D game to enjoy your Mega evolve pokemon.

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10. Pokemon Cloud White.

Pokemon Cloud White

Pokemon Cloud White is a really popular Pokemon ROM Hack. The game is famous for its really great storyline, pokemon, new features, and much more. There are also many new pokemon in this game. I also want you to know that this game is a completed version. It also has around 540 Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 6.

It also has mega evolutions pokemon to catch and play with. They have many features to play with. There are a ton of features that make this game a unique game. But if you are someone who still thinks that this game lacks Gen 7 Pokemon then don’t worry. This game also has its updated version called Pokemon Cloud White 2.

This version includes Gen 7 pokemon and many new mega evolutions pokemon. So basically it covers most of the requests that gamers make in any pokemon ROM Hacks. There are also day-night features in the game. It also has a weather system that makes this game more realistic. The battle function is also really great.

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So there you have it guys, these are some of the best ROM hacks you can play now that have Mega Evolution in 2021. There are also a bunch of other Pokemon ROM hacks out there that lack mega evolution. But these games are really good to play and have many great features.

The mega evolution pokemon has its own charm in any game. In general, we all love to play with Mega Evolution Pokemon. If you watch Pokemon anime you are mostly going to find that Mega evolution pokemon is way stronger than any of the pokemon out there.

Some Mega evolution Pokemon are even able to defeat some legendary pokemon. So if you are looking for some really cool looking and interesting Pokemon GBA ROM to play then make sure to try these games.

Which mega evolution game on this list is your favorite?