Nostalgic Disney Movies You Should Watch Soon

Almost all of us grew up watching Disney Channel, whether it was the shows or the movies. Now that we’ve all grown up, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we stop watching all of those movies. It’s never too late to watch all of those movies you used to watch when you were younger for that instant, beautiful hit of nostalgia. You can watch the current Disney Channel on one of the leading cable services, such as Spectrum Cable which offers you quite a number of channels to watch. 

However, if you are specifically looking to watch all of those old nostalgic movies, then you should definitely head to Disney+ where you can stream not just all the old Disney movies but you can find all your childhood favorite shows there as well. Once you do head to Disney+, here are a few nostalgic Disney movies that we think you should watch since they are among the best ones:

Best Nostalgic Disney Movies

1. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

As the name is pretty self-explanatory, this is actually a pretty fun movie to watch that initially came out back in 1989 and is a family classic movie. The movie is about a scientist who is working on a machine that can shrink objects. While he and his wife are away, his kids and their friends mess around with the machine and end up being shrunk to the size of insects.

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids | Disney Movies

Thus begin all the problems and challenges faced by the kids as they try to fight their way through the backyard while fighting multiple insects such as bees and ants, while they are nearly killed by a lawnmower, and while they are accidentally thrown into a trash bag. All they have to do is make their way to the machine so that they could go back to their normal size. 

2. Alladin

Would you really live a fake life just so that someone would fall in love with you? That is exactly what Alladin is about as Alladin is a street rat who lives off of robbing people sometimes but he eventually falls in love with the city’s princess. While Alladin is trying to figure out what to do as he keeps thinking about Princess Jasmine, he stumbles upon a magic flying carpet and a lamp. When he rubs the lamp, it reveals a Genie that can grant him 3 wishes. Thus begins Alladin’s life of lies as he pretends to be someone he is not just so that Jasmine would fall in love with him too.

Aladdin (2019) - IMDb

However, things take a warm turn and Jasmine actually falls in love with Alladin for who he is and not what he is. The movie is very wholesome and gives everyone the message that you shouldn’t pretend to be someone who you are not only so that you could get someone to love you. 

3. The Lion King

The movie we’re sure everyone has seen when they were young. The Lion King is about a Lion named Simba who is the next to be the king of the pride but his past keeps haunting him to the point that he feels like he wouldn’t be an effective king. He meets a couple of friends along the way who teach him how to face his fears so that he could fight head-to-head against his uncle Scar who was responsible for the death of Simba’s father. Eventually, Simba is victorious and he is made king of the pride, restoring his own and his father’s glory. Like all other Disney movies, this one is very wholesome as well and is very heartwarming no matter how many times you watch it. 

4. Mulan 

How far would you go to protect your family’s honor? Mulan is about a Chinese girl named Mulan who belongs to the Fa Family. When the city is about to be attacked by an evil soldier named Shan-Yu, every male from every family is asked to serve in the army against him, which includes Mulan’s elderly father. Instead, Mulan picks up the persona of a boy and sets on her own journey to serve in the army. Eventually, it is revealed that Mulan is actually a girl and she faces a lot of backlash for it. However, she still plays her part in fighting for China and she helps defeat the evil Shan-Yu, restoring peace in China and bringing honor to her family’s name. 

Mulan is the kind of movie every young girl should watch because it teaches them that the sky is the limit and there is absolutely nothing that you can’t do, all you need is the drive and the determination. 

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the many movies we think you should watch so that you could have an instant hit of nostalgia too! So be sure to tune into Disney+ and watch these movies as soon as you can!

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