How To Fix Youtube Videos not playing on Android & PC:7 Ways

If you are looking for a proper solution for YouTube videos not playing on your Android device or PC then follow this post to fix this forever. YouTube is a very big site with over a billion users worldwide. Most of the time YouTube works fine and provides a seamless experience.

But sometimes the videos on your YouTube App don’t load at all. Sometimes the app itself won’t work to start with. These problems can happen with your smartphone while watching YouTube. Not just your smartphone, you can also feel problems with your PC too.

Sometimes the YouTube site itself doesn’t work at all. Sites might work sometimes but the videos won’t load for some reason. You can see sometimes you can’t load YouTube on a particular browser no matter what you do. If all these problems happen to you then don’t worry you aren’t alone. There are some really simple ways to fix this.

Below down I have given the top ways through which you can solve this problem easily. PC problems can take some time or effort to solve cause there are many factors that matter and affect site performance on the PC. Whereas many smartphone problems can be solved even more easily.

How to Fix YouTube Videos not playing on Android and PC: 7 Ways

1. Remove Browser Cache

Browser cache is something that seems easy to understand and most people don’t even bother to clean it. Browser cache is mostly used to store app data temporarily so that apps can access the data faster when users need it. But too much cache in your browser as well as in your YouTube app can lead to app crashes or videos to stop playing.

So, first of all, remove all the cache from your browser or from your app. To learn how to remove browser cache from your PC, follow this article. For your app cache, you can simply download Ccleaner from your play store to delete any type of cache.

2. Adjust the video quality

Sometimes the video you are trying to watch might get stopped because of the quality. You can always try lowering the video quality to achieve video to play well.

This is a very simple trick and works with your PC as well as with your YouTube App. I suggest lowering the quality to 240p or 360p for the best results.

3. Reinstalling YouTube App

If nothing works for you, you can simply reinstall your YouTube app from the PlayStore. Try to disable the app after that you need to clear all the cache of the app. Now reinstall the YouTube App again. I know it’s a bother to install apps again but this might fix your issue with your app.

In the case of PC, you need to check all the settings of your browsers. If you are not good with technical stuff just simply reset all the settings of your PC.

4. Disable all extensions / Plugins

Your browser might have some issues with your installed extensions or plugins that might interfere with the YouTube site. You can simply disable one by one extension to find the real culprit which is messing with the youtube site. But in my opinion, you can simply disable all of these plugins or extensions and then see whether this fixes your problem or not.

If this fixes your problem then it means the problem is lying in your browser extension or plugins. If this doesn’t fix your problems then it simply means the problems aren’t with your extensions or plugins.

5. Use VPN

Okay, this might sound stupid but if you are using an adblocker or your account or IP is not trusted by google then sometimes Google secretly blocks your IP from watching videos on Youtube. To confirm whether or not you are blocked, you can easily check this by using a VPN.

I recommend using NordVPN as they provide the best and secure network for you. You can choose to use a free plan or any paid plans which provide more security. If YouTube starts working again on your new IP then it means the problem lies with your IP.

6. Resetting your smartphone

If your YouTube app is still not working properly then you can also reset your smartphone. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what is causing problems to your device which leads to youtube videos not playing at all. Therefore, if you don’t want to do any technical stuff.

Resetting your smartphone or PC is a very simple trick. You can simply factory reset your device to reset it. But if you still want to know the step by step guide, then you can use this post as a reference to reset your smartphone and this post for reseting your PC.

7. Wait for problem to Resolve

Sometimes your device might be working properly and its YouTube servers foult for the error. You can’t do anything in that case. So if nothing works, you can simply just wait for the problem to Resolve on its own. Most of the time YouTube team won’t let this happen.

But if it does happen, you know what to do. Just try all the methods I have suggested and wait for the final result. Look whether or not it’s your device foult. And wait for the problem to resolve if its a server problem.


In conclusion, I wanted to suggest that if you are trying to play Youtube videos on your pc or smartphone then these tricks are going to help you. You must try all of these tricks until your problem is solved. YouTube works fine most of the time with so many devices, but whenever it stops working or comes with an error, then don’t panic.

Follow the given steps and you are good to go. If nothing helps in the end then just use youtube alternative sites or proxy sites to use Youtube Properly. If nothing works, just reset your pc or smartphone by using factory reset to solve the problem. Don’t forget to check our best list of unblocked movie sites to watch movies for free online.

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