Ultimate List of 20+ ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites [2020]

As you guys know, extratorrent is a popular website, specifically a torrent site which has been on the web for ages now. Millions of users browse extratorrent on daily basis and the number is constantly growing. So now you might be thinking that it is great and all but why do we need to use a proxy to browse extratorrent…

Why there is a need for an extratorrent proxy?

The thing is that extratorrent comes on the list of one of the most popular torrent sites, which means that it is being blocked by many ISP’s and even some institutions and offices as well. To avoid this blocking/censoring, the need for proxy sites arises. This is the reason why these extratorrent proxy sites exist. They allow users to access extratorrent from anywhere in the world; Regardless of your region or ISP which might be blocking ExtraTorrent.

Can these proxy sites be blocked?

These proxy sites are hard to block because there are so many of them. But it doesn’t mean that they are invincible, they keep going down from time to time. This is why we came up with the list of these unblocked extratorrent sites (proxy).

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So without any further ado, Lets get started with the list.

Here is the list of best extratorrent proxy sites:
S no.
ExtraTorrent Proxy SitesURLsStatus
1.SiteGet Proxyhttp://bit.ly/2NqLFLcUp ‘n’ Runing
2.Sitenable Proxyhttp://bit.ly/2E8EG5DUp ‘n’ Runing
3.FreeAnimesOnlinehttp://bit.ly/2SoxnM2Up ‘n’ Runing
4.FilesDownloaderhttp://bit.ly/2BLJ9dRUp ‘n’ Runing
5.Sitenable CHhttp://bit.ly/2NoMwMrUp ‘n’ Runing
6.Extratorrents CChttp://bit.ly/2SmzNLdUp ‘n’ Runing
7.Sitenable Tophttp://bit.ly/2SWL2z3Up ‘n’ Runing
8.Sitenable Asiahttp://bit.ly/2IB3x7vUp ‘n’ Runing
9.ProxySitehttp://bit.ly/2NwxXXuUp ‘n’ Runing
10.Kproxyhttps://kproxy.comUp ‘n’ Runing
11.HideMyAsshttp://bit.ly/2EfZWGKUp ‘n’ Runing
12.Extratorrent AGhttps://extratorrent.agUp ‘n’ Runing
13.Unblocked LOLhttp://unblocked.lol/torrentUp ‘n’ Runing
14.ET Proxyhttps://etproxy.com/Down
15.Xtra Unblockedhttps://xtra.unblocked.lolUp ‘n’ Working
16.Extra TOhttps://extra.to/Down
17.Unbocked Dot Petextratorrent.unblocked.petUp ‘n’ Runing
18.Unblockedall Proxyextratorrents.unblockall.orgUp ‘n’ Runing
19.Fux0r Proxyhttps://extratorrent.fux0r.fyiUp ‘n’ Runing
20.Extratorrent SIhttps://extratorrent.siUp ‘n’ Working
21.fux0r xyzhttps://extratorrent.fux0r.xyz/Up ‘n’ Runing
22.FreeProxyhttp://bit.ly/2Xo7no3Up ‘n’ Runing
















There you go, this was the list of 20+ best extratorrent porxy sites. Most of the links will open the extratorrent site with just a click while a couple of sites will require you to enter the Extratorrent’s site URL on the page that loads.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about extratorrent proxy sites.

A FAQ about Proxy s.

Q1. What is a Proxy?

  • A proxy acts as an interface between. It is like a VPN but is a little bit less complex and does not use any form of encryption,

Q2. What are proxy sites?

  • The proxys are mirrors/clones or the original site, the only difference is that they are not censored anywhere (as they are new and unknown). Some proxy sites give you a URL bar where you can enter any websites address and after that, you can access that site from within the proxy.

Q3. Why do we need proxy sites?

  • So you may be thinking if the original extratorrent domain is still working, why are we not able to access it and why there is a need for such proxy sites? Well, the answer is simple, even if the domain is working properly, it is still being blocked by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers), governments, and also by some institutions as well. Proxy sites allow you to bypass these restrictions and allow you to access extratorrent regardless of your country or your ISP.


Q4. Difference between a proxy and a VPN?

  • The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. As some of you may already know, VPN is one of the best ways to bypass an ISP’s block. The only downsides of a VPN are the slow speed and bandwidth limits. While there are many “free” VPNs out there, who claim to give unlimited bandwidth and fast connection speeds. Most of them don’t work, and even if they do, they have very bad policies about privacy and the speeds are also very slow. This is where these extratorrent proxy sites come to play. They are fast, stable and are easy to use.

Q5. Are these ExtraTorrent Proxy s safe?

  • All the links that I have provided are safe to visit, and they will unblock extratorrent just fine. The proxy sites are not the ET site or clones, they simply act as a ‘proxy‘ and allow you to access the real extratorrent website. So they are as safe as the real website is.


We will be keeping this list up to date with new links and information. so make sure to bookmark this page so you don’t miss out on any important updates.



This concludes our list of best extratorrent proxy sites. Extratorrent is one of the best p2p sharing sites out there and attracts millions of users every day. As you may know that some of the stuff, actually, most of the stuff that you find on extratorrent is either copyrighted or is pirated. So to stop piracy and copyright infringement, many ISPs have blocked access to the extratorrent site. But I hope these ET proxy sites worked for you and you were able to access the extratorrent site again.

Ping us down in the comments if any of the sites in this list is down or not working and we will try to fix it ASAP. Also, let us know if you have other working Extratorrent proxy sites. The last thing that I want to make clear is that promoting piracy is not the intention of this post, it was only for informational purposes. We, atfiz.com, do not support or endorse piracy in any way.

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