Best Unblocked Video Websites like Youtube at School In 2020

Unblocked video websites

When it comes to finding video websites at school, most of these sites are blocked at school. But today I have come up with a list of best unblocked video websites like Youtube at school. Most of these sites are blocked and for sites like youtube, you can also unblock them using the given tricks.

A lot of us know that many schools block many entertainment sites in the school. But not only that you also going to find many top sites like Youtube, Wikipedia and more sites blocked. But there is always a way to get around these restrictions. Today I am going to talk about these ways.

Most unblocking sites in school can be a pain but there are always other ways around it. You can simply just visit an unblocked website which your school hasn’t blocked yet and it will be fine. But to find these unblocked sites is tough. If you like watching movies don’t forget to check the best unblocked movies sites at school. You gonna find many unblocked movies there.

Back to the topic, there are still many unblocked video sites at school for entertainment available. But you need to find them, therefore, I have come up with this list. Here are the best Unblocked video websites at school like youtube to watch free videos.

Best Unblocked Video Websites like Youtube At School To Watch Free Videos

1. Unblocked Google Sites

Google Sites

Google Sites are one of the best unblocked video websites at school out there. Most importantly, these sites are hosted in google server therefore the main domain for these sites are related to Google in some way. So, as you know google is very important in anyone’s life so most of the school never blocks google.

It makes these sites also unblocked most of the time. So you can visits these websites almost any time from anywhere. But do know that if any school decided to block these types of sites then they just only need one URL and all of sites hosted in google will be blocked forever. So don’t tell your teacher about this.

  1. Unblocked movies video sites:- Visit Now
  2. Google Drive video sites:- Visit Now
  3. VGs4US:- Visit Now
  4. Munro Clan Google sites:- Visit Now
  5. Unslaved Movies: Visit Now

2. Mixer


Mixer is one of the latest unblocked video websites at school similar to youtube to watch free videos. This is a video game streaming site just like twitch. But it is relatively new to this industry. The best part about this site is that its new therefore many schools never blocked this site at school.

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love games. And to watch online at school it’s like a dream. But with a mixer, you can watch your favorite gamers playing your favorite games. This is the specialty of this site. Moreover, it also has big streamers like Shroud and Ninja. This is a great unblocked video site similar to youtube right now at your schools.

3. 9Gag


When it comes to memes and short videos we all are familiar with 9Gag. This is a very interesting site similar to Reddit but with different looks and a few different features. This site is also unblocked in most of the school so make sure to give it a try. Many schools don’t block it so either you can use its site or it’s App.

You can also comment on memes or upvote or downvote any memes that you like. The best part is that you can also add pics in comments on this site. The best experience of this site is at its android or iOS app. So if you got phone then you can try its app too.

4. Veoh


Veoh is a great unblocked website like youtube you can try. It provides many videos to watch for free online. You can also find many videos here including short videos and long videos. I especially like that you can find animes on this site if you want. Not only that it also has other categories videos to watch too.

But if you are interested in watching anime at school than make sure to check the best unblocked anime sites at school for free anime. In terms of content, this site has plenty of them. More importantly, it’s not a famous site like youtube therefore it is always unblocked in schools.

5. Metacafe


Metacafe is another similar site to Veoh which provides free videos to watch at school. You can find many videos of your choice on this site similar to youtube. It is mostly unblocked at school so make sure to visit and give it’s content a try. The content on this site is also similar to youtube.

But the library of this site is not as big as youtube so don’t hope a lot. But due to the fact that its small and its not as famous as youtube, many schools don’t block this site. But fair warning, it can be blocked by the school if you tell your teacher so don’t tell them and be a jerk. You can also find many categories video so make sure to give it a try.

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6. Unblocked Proxy Sites

Proxy site

There are a lot of unblocked proxy sites out there that allow you to serve any site you want for free. Proxy sites are unblocked in schools so you can visit there and serf any site you want. This is the best way if you want to visit youtube site in your school.

To visit youtube in your school, follow this way. Just visit the given sites below and then enter the youtube URL address like: For mobile users they visit here: . After you enter the URL press enter and the youtube site will going to load on this site.

  1. ProxySite: Visit Now
  2. Kproxy: Visit Now
  3. FilterByPass: Visit Now

7. Free VPN


VPN is always a great way to unblock sites like youtube at school. There are alot of VPN to download or to used. But finding a good and free VPN is difficult. But you can easily find free vpn if you just want to serf the web or sites and doesn’t want to play videos on VPN.

Technically you can actually watch free video sites like Youtube on Free VPN. But the fact that you got a little bandwidth with free VPN makes it frustrated to watch on youtube anything. So I recommand using a paid version of VPN like NordVPN if you want cheap and effective way to visit sites like youtube at school forever.

8. Sony crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a legal site to watch free unblocked videos at school. This site is more similar to sites which provide free entertainment like movies, tv shows and much more. It provides many movies to watch online for free. The site is completely unblocked in most of the schools and the best part about it is the fact its legal site with no pop up ads to worry about.

This site has many movies and tv shows of Netflix or youtube originals to watch. If you haven’t visit this site yet then you should definetly visit it. It has many movies to watch according to your regions. You can also find many dubbed movies on this site with respect to your regions.

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9. ConTv

Unblocked Anime Sites

ConTv is the newer version of famous site Viewster which is legal and fully unblocked at school to watch movies and other videos for free. If you have heard of viewster before then it’s basically the same site with different name now. This makes this site new and most importantly it becomes unblocked from many schools and regions.

ConTv got alot of movies and Tv shows to watch for free without any fraud ads. It is a legal site so anything you watch on this site will going to provide some money to the creators too. In this way you can support your favortie artist without spending a peny. There will be some ads but it’s not much to worry about. So make sure to give this site a visit to support your favorite artist.

10. Videoder


Videoder is one of the best site and app to watch and download unblocked videos from youtube and other top websites. This is one of the best unblocked video websites at school to try out. This is a video app so you need to download the app in your phone or it also available for windows to download.

You can basically serf the youtube and other sites for free without any cost. The app has few ads but they are not major issue at all. You can download any videos that you like at any resolution that you like with lightning fast download speed. It is one of the best app to visit youtube at school.

Some other sites which might be unblocked at your school

11. Vimeo

Vimeo is another great site with lots of videos to watch for free. Most of the time this site is also unblocked at school but some schools tend to block it. So give this site a try and check whether its blocked or not. Who know your site might haven’t blocked this site at all.

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12. Twitch

Twitch is one of my favourite site to watch gameplay of many of my favourite games. There are alot of creators on this site and it is also very popular just like youtube. In many schools this site is also unblocked to watch videos online. But some school may have blocked it because of its popularity.

13. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a site which has everything digital you want to download or watch for. This site is one of the best site in internet to look for anything by far. You can download music, ebooks, data, and much more from this site. But some schools block this site as it provide everything. To give your luck a try and check if its unblocked at your school or not.

14. DailyMotion

DailyMotion is a very famous site which is rival to youtube. This site is not as big as youtube but has alot of content to watch for free. Most of the school don’t block this site so it might be a great site for you to watch unblocked videos at school. So make sure to visit this site to check whether its blocked or not.

15. Funnimation

Funnimation is a great anime site to watch anime at school. This site has alot anime to watch. This site is mostly unblocked at school but it is a paid site so you won’t gonna be able to watch free anime videos here. But you can always visit some of the best unblocked anime websites at school to watch free anime.


So these are the best unblocked video websites at school to watch free videos. These sites are very familiar to youtube and are unblocked in schools. And if you ever wanted to unblock youtube at your school then use a VPN or the proxy sites I have mentioned above.

In many opinion I like Mixer and 9Gag very much. Don’t get me wrong other sites are also pretty great but these sites has their unique contents and I also love to see memes as well as play games. But it totally depends on personality so you can choose whatever site you like the most.

If you want more sites then make sure to give a try to the honorable mentioned sites. I don’t know how strong and what type of security your school have and what type of sites your school have blocked. But these mentioned sites are also unblocked in many school but some school still tend to block some of them. So visit these sites and check whether these sites are blocked in your school or not.

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