30 Best Working Unblocked Movies Sites At School In 2021

Best movies unblocked sites at school

Watching movies and Tv series is something that all people prefer around the world. If you like watching movies online then you are not alone. But most of the time, you don’t have a clue which site you should visit to watch moves online. Today I have come with the list of best unblocked websites at schools and colleges.

Most of the time, School, college or even some offices block the famous movies streaming sites to not let people access them. It can be because of many reasons but for a person like you and me, it stops our entertainment.

So in that case of scenario, you can use these unblocked sites to watch movies online, which are mostly global unblocked. In some countries, some of these sites might be blocked which you can unblock using a VPN. Remember I have listed legal sites as well as the most common pirated sites for unblocked movies. Here are the best unblocked movies sites at school to watch unblocked movies.

Best Working Unblocked Movies Sites At School In 2021

I hope if most of the legal sites are blocked in your school then you can at least visit pirated sites easily for your entertainment.

1. Google Sites


Google Sites are the best Unblocked movies websites to watch movies online at school. Google is a very famous search engine and is very useful for many projects and details in many schools and colleges. Therefore, Most of the time, google sites are not blocked in most of the schools.

You can try these google sites to watch some really great content for free. Basically, the main domain address of these sites starts with google’s own domain, therefore, these movies and games sites can easily bypass your school firewall.

Try visiting the given google sites to watch movies for free in your school. I am certain that if other sites are blocked in your school, these sites most likely will be unblocked for sure. If anyhow these sites are still blocked in your region then try using the VPN.

  1. Unblocked Movies:-                           Visit Now
  2. Google drive unblocked movies:-    Visit Now
  3. VGs4US:-                                              Visit Now
  4. Munro Clan Movies:-                         Visit Now
  5. Unslaved Movies:-                             Visit Now.

2. Tubi Tv

Tubi Tv

Tubi Tv is another free unblocked movies sites at school. This is a legal site to watch 100% free movies, anime, stand up comedy, Tv shows, etc. Tubi Tv is one of the best sites right now to watch any popular movies and tv shows. The site has a huge collection of free movies, Tv shows as well as Anime. There is also a bunch of other stuff to watch too.

If you want to watch your favourite movie or Netflix series for free then this is the best site for you. It has everything that you need. But do remember this site also runs ads, so it also gonna be a little pain for you. But that’s the only way of revenue for this site.

The variety of content in this site changes with every region. So if you are in the US region then you might get a lot of content whereas in some countries like India and Pakistan this site may have small content to show. Use VPN to check to watch the full content.

3. Archive.org


Archive.org is one of the best unblocked sites out there which isn’t blocked at your school. You can find old movies as well as new movies and Tv series on this site. It provides almost most of the digital items including games, movies, books and much more. This site is considered as the digital library of the internet

This site is a non-profit site so basically, you can watch movies for free. But if by chance you want to support then you can simply help them through PayPal or other payment options. It’s a legal way to watch movies unblocked.

4. Vimeo


Vimeo is another big platform like Youtube where you can watch the movie for free. This is a platform mostly for creators who want to upload their videos like Youtube Platform. But you don’t need to worry, I know you are not a creator.

This site has a ton of movie content uploaded daily and you can watch it for free. There are hardly any chances of this site getting blocked. So you can watch movies unblocked at your school with no worry.

If you want to watch movies in your school for free from an unblocked site then this is one of the best and legal sites you can try right now. Remember it is a legal site for free entertainment but if you find it blocked then I recommend using a proxy site like Proxysite.com.


Note: There are some pirated sites on this list. Most of these sites are often blocked in many countries therefore there main domain address changes over time. So I can not provide a permanent link for these pirated sites but you can simply find them using google search or the given link text. Hope you understand.

5. Unblocked Movies Viewster


Viewster is a full package of unblocked movies, Tv shows, anime and much more. This site is available globally so you can enjoy it anywhere. This is a fully unblocked movies site so you can use it in your school or colleges any time.

Viewster is a site that provides full free support for watching movies and Tv shows. This is one of the best sites to watch legally anime and movies.

This site has a wide range of movie genres to offers. Not only that, but you can also watch a wide range of anime on this site. You can also watch various documentaries on this site for free. It is a great legal site to watch movies and tv shows online, moreover that it’s globally unblocked. So go ahead and check this out.

6. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is a well-known site for watching movies unblocked in school. Many of my friends also tried this site in their school too. It is a great site to watch movies online. The interface is average compared to other top sites.

Popcornflix also is a free site to watch movies and tv shows. It has ads that can be painful so I recommend using an adblocker. But be aware of using adblocker, sometimes it stops your access to some crucial sites. Therefore only use an adblocker when ads become a pain for you.

Popcornflix has a wide variety of genres to choose from for your movies. You can watch your movies and tv show freely in your school because it’s an unblocked site.

link: https://www.popcornflix.com

7. RetroVision


RetroVision is another great unblocked site to watch movies for free. Are you a person who like to watch the classic drama and movies? If yes, then this site is specially made for you.

RetroVision has a ton of classic collections of classic movies, cartoons, and Tv shows to watch. There was a time when the classic movie was rated as one of the best. You can watch those classic hits on this site for free.

The best part about this site is the fact that it has many varieties of movies and shows to watch. These are also free to watch. In those regions, where many sites are blocked and only a few sites are allowed to visit in schools, this site can be a good pick.

8. Hulu


Hulu is a very famous site that provides streaming movies online for free with a monthly subscription. This site is very famous and you must have heard of this site before. Hulu provides Tv streaming live and a lot of movies to watch online. In the US region, most of the schools have this site blocked.

And I can assume why is that but you can still access this site using a VPN in the US if you are interested in watching movies on Hulu. But in other regions’ schools, this site is not often blocked, so you can watch movies unblocked on this site.

Be aware that Hulu is not available in every country so if you don’t find it in your google search then it probably not available in your region. For those who want to watch movies legally, this site is a great option for them. It is also unblocked in many regions so you can check this site now to see whether it’s unblocked or not.

9. Putlocker


Putlocker is a very famous site to watch movies online for free. This site is a very good site overall in terms of content as well as experience. The servers on this site also work pretty well and you can watch your favorite movies in Full HD mode.

Putlocker can also be found on google easily just by typing Putlocker. Sometimes the domain address of this type of movie streaming site changes regularly. Therefore you should search in google first if the link doesn’t work.

Putlocker has a large database of movies and Tv shows around 85000 plus. This site also has anime and cartoons to watch for free. So for people who want to watch anything for free, this is the best site in your school right now.

Notes: You can also check free movies sites to stream movies no sign up required. All of the site given in this list doesn’t require you to sign up for anything.

link: http://www1.putlockers.am/

10. Fmovies


Fmovies is a great unblocked site for free movies and tv series. The site is available almost globally and is most of the time is unblocked in school. You can watch a wide range of genre movies on this site.

This site is not a legal site so you need to make sure you don’t click on some unwanted links on this site. The site design is very cool looking and the easy search for movies and tv series makes it one of the best sites to watch movies online.

Fmovies also provides tons of movie content to watch. You can watch many movies in full HD and it also has the latest movies with theatrical print to watch. Overall it is a great site to watch movies unblocked.

Link: https://www8.fmovie.cc/

11. Niter


Niter is a great site to watch movies online with ease. It has a simple and good user interface and provides many movies to choose from. This is a great option if any of your favorite sites are blocked in your school.

Having multiple options is a good thing. And in any case, if your school has banned the sites of your favorite movies, you can simply use these sites on the list for a free unblocked movie experience.

Niter is a great option to watch free movies online. If you are looking for a site that has a very low chance of being blocked then this is the right site for you. The only problem you can get is being caught watching movies in your school. Be careful, or else your teacher might scold you.

Link: https://niter-movies.com/

12. 123movies


123movies is a very famous site to watch movies online for free. You also don’t need to download movies on this site. Just simply choose your movie which you want to watch and it’s simply done. 123movies has a great collection of movies and tv series. The site user interface is also pretty good to use. The sites update daily so you going to find all of your favorite movies right on time.

123movies also allow the user to watch movies of a different country. You can check whether or not your country is on its database or not. This is a great site to watch movies in school. It’s unblocked in most of the regions so you can simply enjoy your movie without worry.

link: https://123movies.la/

13. Vudu


Vudu is an American website that provides legal access to watch movies online. It’s a nice site to buy and rent movies online. The prices of the movies on this site are also not that much and at events, you can get heavy discounts too.

Vudu is also an unblocked site that most people don’t know. If you are in your school or office then try using the Vudu site. You gonna love the site if you are willing to pay for the movies. Vudu is a legal site so you don’t need to worry about excessive ads and other problems. There are many new and old movies on this site to watch. So if you are willing to pay, this is a nice unblocked movie site.

14. Xmovies8


Xmovies8 is a pretty big site for free movies and Asian drama. The site also has a large database of anime and Tv shows. It is an unblocked site and most of the time can be accessed in any countries.

Xmovies8 has many variants of sites that provide free movie access. You can use the link below or can search in google simply. Most of the time Google will be going to show you the real site on the top of your result.

This site is not blocked in most schools so you can easily access it to view your favorite movies and cartoon. Just remember that it has many online streaming to show like Tv series, Anime, cartoons, and more. Time to kill your boredness by watching some good movies online.

Link: http://www1.xmovies8.io/

15. Yifi


Yifi is another alternative for those sites which might be blocked in your region. This is a very popular site for watching movies. It has been many years for this site to provide free entertainment to us. The Yifi main domain address has been changed now. But the site hasn’t changed a bit. You will be going to find many films including some new ones to download in a high resolution.

If you like using this site before then you will be happy to know that the new address is a fully unblocked site. This site is not blocked in by most of the regions as well as in most of the schools. If you are looking for a good user interface site to download movies and tv shows then this is the perfect site for you in your school.

Link: https://yts.am/

16. Coolmoviezone


Coolmoviezone is a great alternative site for the top unblocked sites. The site has a simple user interface and easy to find your desired movies and other requests on the site.

This site is also known for having a good amount of movies to download and watch. This site is mainly from the Indian region, therefore, it also has Bollywood and Telugu movies to download.

But this makes this site perfect because most of the schools don’t about this site and they don’t block this site mostly. So you can use this site if your school has a habit to block the most famous movie sites. Go ahead and check it out.

Related: If you like watching Hollywood movies then you can also check the best sites to download Hollywood dub movies in Hindi for free. This list is for users who understand the Hindi language only.

Link: https://coolmoviezone.online/

17. Movie4k


Movie4k is a very popular site for watching movies unblocked at school and office. The site is well known for its great content of movies and shows.

Movie4k site domain changes very often that makes it hard to remember. But on the bright side, most schools can’t block this site because the domain changes regularly.

To visit this site and watch your favorite movies for free, use the given link below. Or if the link doesn’t work for some reason. You can simply search movie4k in google and Google will show you the right website address.

link: https://movie4k.is/

18. Vmovee


Vmovee is another popular unblocked movies sites you can use to watch movies in your school. The site has a wide variety of movies to choose from. It also has many genre movies to watch online.

The site also allows users to search for a particular movie. This site provides multi-language movies to download so if you are thinking to use this site outside of the US then you can use it freely.


Vmovee is a great site to visit your school where they block many movie sites. Because these sites change their domain regularly, no one can possibly block this site. So go ahead and try out this site to watch and download movies online. You can also check out other countries’ top movies too.

Link: https://vmovee.ws/vmovee

19. Vumoo


Vumoo is one of the unblocked sites to watch movies and Tv shows online. You can watch and download your favorite movies without registering on the site. There is no registration required on this site. So go ahead and use this site to enjoy your favorite show. This site provides both movies and Tv shows.

But I personally like to watch Tv shows on this site. The movie’s collection is great but I couldn’t find out some classic movies that I wanted to see. Other than that it is a great site to visit.

Link: https://vumoo.life/

20. Snagfilms


Snagfilms is a great site that provides free movies and documentaries to watch. This site doesn’t have any movies to watch and you may not be going to find your favorite movies. But this site has a collection of selected good quality movies and documentaries. You can either watch a movie or choose to watch an hour-long documentary on different topics for free.


The site runs ads for revenue and sometimes it’s gonna annoy you in the middle of the movie. So if you can tolerate that then this site gonna be your favorite site in a few days. Check out this site now because it’s not blocked in many regions and also not blocked in most of the schools. Always click on the right link on this site.

Link: https://www.snagfilms.com/

21. 5Movies


5Movies is a great unblocked site to watch movies and Tv shows online. The site has a huge collection of movies to watch at school. The design of the site is also surprisingly good. 5Movies is for those people who want everything in one place. Seriously, it’s like the same site as the big site used to be to download movies for free.

You should know that the site data and movies are updated regularly. so every new movie releases, the site gets updated with its theatrical prints in just a few days. If you like watching newly release movies, then you should definitely visit this site. It’s a great choice overall and it has many similarities to the big sites. Above all, it’s an unblocked site that you can easily use in your office and school.

Link: https://5movies.tv/

22. Hubmovie.cc


Hubmovie is a good site to watch movies and TV shows. Although I didn’t find its web design as pleased as other sites have, it does have a good collection of movies. The Tv shows on this site are also very rich in quality and variety. You can watch a wide range of Tv shows on this site. The best part about this site is the fact that it is unblocked in many countries.

Whenever there is a strong blocking for movie sites, this site always remains unblocked due to its lack of popularity and flexible domain. If you are looking for a nice and good site where no other site unblocked, this site will definitely gonna help you to watch your favorite movies.

Link: http://hubmovie.cc/

23. Hotstar


Hotstar is an Indian entertainment site to provides streaming for Indian dramas and movies. If you like to watch Indian movies and Tv shows, then this is a great site for you.

Hotstar has a subscription fee like any other legal sites. So if you want to watch Indian movies and drama, then you need to subscribe to this site. This site also has different plans according to your needs.

I am a fan of Indian drama or movies but there are some people who like to watch them. This site is an unblocked site in most of the regions so you can easily watch your entertainment in your school.

24. NetFlix


When it comes to watching movies online legally NetFlix is one of the first sites to visit. And for a few people, Netflix is a site, not just an app. Most of us use Netflix daily and there are many places where it is blocked pretty often. But you can unblock Netflix using HTTPS tricks or using a VPN. It is a membership site that provides free movies and Tv series to watch online for just a few dollars.


The site has a ton of content to watch and it also has its own Netflix original series. You and I are fully aware of how good some Netflix series are. That said, if you are looking to watch movies in your school, the first thing you need to check is the Netflix site. Who knows, your school hasn’t blocked this site yet. And if you want to watch Netflix’s original series for free then use Tubi Tv.

25. Youtube


Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world. It has millions of videos to watch from. This platform also has many movies to watch online. You can either buy movies legally on youtube or can watch movies uploaded by the creators.

Youtube has a large database of movies. In most schools and colleges, Youtube is not banned, so you can watch unblocked movies here for free or paid. It depends upon your choice by the way. Youtube has many movies uploaded by many youtube creators in many different languages. So you will definitely gonna find many language movies here for free to watch.

Do remember that you might not be able to find your favorite movies for free all the time. And the Paid movies are also limited to those movies which have already released their DVDs. But something is always better than nothing right. Besides, it is a legal site to watch movies and Tv shows online.


Youtube also has its own Youtube originals series to watch. So if you are not hesitating to buy a membership on Youtube, you can enjoy its original series for a few dollars.

26. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a legal site to watch movies for free. In most countries, this site is not blocked and you can watch some great Hollywood unblocked movies at your school and office.

Sony crackle offers full movies to watch online for free in full duration. You don’t need to worry about any privacy threats on this site because this is a legal site. The only problem you gonna find on this site is ads. The ads are really a pain for movie lovers like me and you.

But aside from that, the site has many movies to watch. This is one of the best-unblocked movie sites which is not blocked in school and offices. But if you find out this site block in your region, then just use other sites or a VPN. Sony Crackle is a 100% free site to watch movies with some painful ads between the movies.

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27. MovieJoy


MovieJoy is a nice looking site with many features and movies to watch. The site is well managed and has some of the latest movies to watch. One of the great things is, most of the time unblocked in many schools. You can find some really great movies on this site to watch and it also doesn’t require you to use any VPN.

The site has many new movies at high quality to watch. You can also find some new movies with cam quality to watch. But I suggest waiting for the original print to be available to get the best experience on this site. The site also provides an app for android users to watch free movies on the go. Just search the app on your play store to download the app.

Visit:– https://www.moviesjoy.net/

28. MovieNinja


MovieNinja is a very beautiful looking site with great suggested movies to watch. This site also allows you to watch Tv shows on the go. The site has many great features and a huge movie collection to watch. You can watch some really great movies on this site of high quality.


The servers on this site are also pretty good that allow your movies to stream flawlessly. I like the suggested option pretty good features as it allows you to watch some really great shows and movies to watch. Overall the site is very great but the domain of the site changes more often.

Visit: https://movieninja.to/

29. OpenLoadFreeTV


OpenLoadFreeTV is a great site that provides fast servers to watch free movies in HD quality. The site got updated frequently. The site also allows users to choose movies from different categories. Most of you might be already familiar with Openload. If not, then Openload is a type of server provides which provides space to store something.

The actual speed of this site is very high. As all the movies on this site are stored in OpenLoad servers, you gonna find a very great and flawless experience watching movies on this site. The overall experience of this site is pretty good. If you ask me then this is a pretty nice movies sites to stream unblocked movies in schools. So make sure to give this site a try.

Visit:- https://openloadfreetv.me/

30. FlixGo


FlixGo is the last site on this list having a great collection of HD movies to watch. Most of the time this site is unblocked in many regions and schools as it’s not as popular as other top sites. Being less popular can be a blessing for some time as it doesn’t often come on the school radar to block from accessing. So you can visit this site to watch some great movies for free.


This site also provides Tv shows and cartoons to watch. The site also offers a VIP membership for users to provides extra features. The user interface of this site is one of the best user interfaces on this whole list of sites. The site provides full details of the movies on the home screen with lots of suggestions to choose from. The overall quality of the movies is also very high.

Visit: https://flixgo.cc/

How to unblock Movie Sites?

If you want to unblock your favorite movies sites or any other sites then there are few methods you can follow to unblock these sites. These methods also can be used to unblock any of the sites listed above if you find them blocked somehow.

1. Unblock using VPN

VPN stands for the virtual private network and used to change your IP address. Using VPN services free or paid, you can easily access your favorite sites in your school or workplace.

If a site is blocked in one country then it isn’t necessary that this site is also blocked in other countries. A VPN simply changes your IP address and location so that you can access sites securely and easily.

2. Using Proxy Sites

Proxy Sites are also a great way to access blocked sites. Proxy sites access your desired site and create a bridge between you and that site.

So in this way, you actually accessing the proxy site and within that proxy site, you are accessing your favorite site for free and unblocked. You can use top and fast proxy sites like Proxysite.com.


So there you have it guys the best-unblocked movies sites at school you can use. Make sure to visit these sites in your school whenever you feel bored. These sites also work in any place where most of the popular sites are blocked.

In my opinion, I would suggest using legal sites like Viewster and Netflix the most. For non-legal sites, I suggest using movie4k and Xmovies8 for watching unblocked movies in school.


Some non-legal sites can have a harmful pop-up and new tab ads which can damage your device, therefore, you should mostly use legal sites. But you can also use adblocker to stop these ads.

So what do you think about these unblocked sites? Do you like it? Which sites do work for you and which don’t? Which site do you like to use? Comment down below to let me know all of your curiosity.