Top 15 Best Pokemon Fan Games To Download Free In 2020

When it comes to Pokemon fan-made games, most of the time people find them not as good as official games. But there are still some really great Pokemon fan games out there which are even better than official games.

Today I am going to show some of the best Pokemon fan-made games that are very good to play. By 2020, we already had some really great Pokemon games made by fans that were really great to play.

Check out the best Pokemon fan-made games to download and play in 2019. Most of the game download links are given below so make sure to check them out. The list isn’t in any proper order so you can choose whatever game you like the most.

Here are the best Pokemon fan games to download in 2020.

  1. Pokemon Fusion Generation.
  2. Pokemon advanced adventure.
  3. Pokemon MMO 3D.
  4. Pokemon Snakewood.
  5. Pokemon Insurgence.
  6. Pokemon Uranium.
  7. Pokemon Mega Adventure.
  8. Pokemon Fire Ash.
  9. Pokemon Prism.
  10. Pokemon Reborn.
  11. Pokemon Zeta and Omicron.
  12. Pokemon Planet.
  13. Pokemon 3D.
  14. Pokemon Light Platinum.
  15. Pokemon Glazed.

All of these Pokemon fan games are pretty great to play. Some of these games you might find familiar as they are inventing on your some favourite pokemon games. You can download most of these pokemon fans made games free.

For my personal preference, I used to play Pokemon Fusion and Pokemon Reborn more than other fan-made games. You can play your favourite game by downloading these games for free. Here are the best Pokemon fans who made games to play in 2020.

1. Pokemon Fusion Generation

Pokemon Fusion Generation has considered one of the best Pokemon fans made games of all time. The game has so many things to do that make it impossible to believe it’s a fan made game. This game is loved by millions of players around the world.

If you have a curiosity to know what will happen if we fuse one pokemon with another. If you want to know this answer then I highly recommend playing Pokemon fusion generation game. This game is an old game and I couldn’t find the download links anywhere.

In the Pokemon fusion generation, you can see many types of fusion pokemon. If you always want to play with some fusion pokemon then this game has that for you. Play this game and fuse pokemon as you like. It’s a great experience to find and play with fusion pokemon.

In most of the places this game has been deleted or is removed for some unknown reason. But thankfully we got the second part. Pokemon fusion generation 2 has been released and thanks to a post on Reddit, I found the working links. You can now enjoy this fantastic game on your pc with some awesome pokemon.

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2. Pokemon Advanced Adventure.

Pokemon advanced adventure is another great piece of art in terms of gameplay. The gameplay of the game is also very unique. This game also in development and has already received the 2018 update. The game lets you an entirely new region in the game.

In the game, you play as a poor boy from a poor family. Due to economic status, you have no friends and constantly bullied by other children. One day professor calls you to help him in stopping his grandchild and his 8 subordinate which has chosen the wrong path.

The game story is great and you will be going to find some really amazing pokemon in the game. In the game, you can capture almost every pokemon except some legendary pokemon. In the game, you also gonna find pokemon for up to 5th generation.

If you love to play pokemon games and want to explore a new region then this is one of the best games. Download this game for free and enjoy exploring a new adventure. If you like playing Pokemon games then you might also like the best Pokemon ROM hacks with mega evolution to play.

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3. Pokemon MMO 3D.

Pokemon MMO 3D is one of the best online pokemon fans made games. It is an online multiplayer game in which you can play with your friends in real-time battles. The game has a real-time battle that I think most of the people are gonna love to play.

Pokemon MMO 3D also players to play the game in 3D mode (as its title suggests). There aren’t many great games with 3D touch. And I believe the 3D experience on this is great and fun to play.

People play this game from all around the world and you can compete with them in battle. It also provides global rankings so that you can check where you stand in the game.

I feel great about this game. There is a great amount of pokemon to choose from and in the alpha version, new pokemon are added regularly. For all the pokemon games fans, who wanted to play some great pokemon fan games completed in 3D, this is the right choice for you.

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4. Pokemon Snakewood

Pokemon Snakewood is a great fan game for you to play. This game is not a very old fan game and is loved by millions of players in the world. The different plot in the game story is my favorite part of this game.

Pokemon Snakewood is a hack version of the famous Pokemon Ruby game. The game content is very rich with a great storyline and the game is based on the Hoenn region. The twist that I loved about the game story is the fact that this game has zombies.

Ya, I know you won’t believe me but seriously this game has some real horror type stories. Play the game by yourself and you will know what I have been talking about. There is also a bunch of mixed pokemon in the game to find. you will also find some zombie pokemon in the game.

Two of those zombie pokemon are capturable. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and capture and fight with these zombie pokemon. Some legendary Pokemon might scare you, be aware.

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5. Pokemon Insurgence.

Pokemon Insurgence is a very highly rated game and can be considered as one of the best Pokemon fan games completed game so far. The game has a pretty large database and is known for its great gameplay. The game has many things to offer for all types of players.

Pokemon Insurgence has pokemon of generation 1 to generation 6 of total 722 original pokemon to catch. Man, just reading those numbers pumps me up. But if you are still hesitating then you should know that this game also has mega evolutions.

The game has also introduced some new regions that I bet you haven’t played yet. A new pokemon species was introduced in the game. All of these things make this game even better than any other official Pokemon game.

If you are looking for a Pokemon fan game with many things to do then this is the perfect choice for you. It’s the best fan game in my opinion. Get ready for a long and interesting adventure because this game has many things for you to explore.

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6. Pokemon Uranium.

Pokemon Uranium is one of the latest and good fan games to play right now. If you want a mature pokemon game to play then this game is for you. The approach and gameplay of this game are mature and have some mature scenes in the game.

Pokemon Uranium is also rated high on many sites for its great Pokemon database and region. The game offers a new region to explore and find new pokemon. There are more than 190 new pokemon to catch which a lot of pokemon for a fan game.

The game has 8 gyms to conquer with 13 towns and 6 sidequests to complete in a new region. Moreover, the game also has mega evolutions of pokemon that makes it must have the game to play if you want to experience the thrill of mega evolution.

In short, the Pokemon Uranium is a full short package of a nice and well made Pokemon fan game to play. Catch all the pokemon in the game and master it then and dual with your friends. Extra info, you can talk to the developer and community on the Discord server for game updates.

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7. Pokemon Mega Adventure.

Pokemon Mega Adventure is one of the best Pokemon fan games completed version to play now. If you are looking for a game with a massive amount of pokemon to catch, this is the perfect game for you. The game has almost every mega evolution that series has shown us.

The pokemon mega-adventure is a must play the game for every pokemon game lover. This game is probably the best Pokemon fan-made game to play with over 721 Pokemon to catch. Which includes some 7 gen pokemon too.

Pokemon Mega adventure has all mega stones and mega evolutions to try out (as the game title suggests). If you like new regions then this game also has a new region to explore. Its a big package of everything that a pokemon games fan needs. Start your journey now and catch all of your favourite pokemon now.

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8. Pokemon Fire Ash

Pokemon Fire Ash is another great mega evolution game with a great collection of pokemon. The storyline of the game is not very fancy but rather very simple. The storyline of the game is almost identical to the storyline of the anime. So if you are looking for an anime storyline game, this is for you.

This game is a completed version of the fan made the game so you will be able to enjoy the whole game easily. The game has an anime storyline and a huge database of pokemon to catch. It has around 800 plus Pokemon to catch up to 7 gen.

Experience over 50 gym battles, explore up to 8 regions, the thrill of mega evolutions, 800+ pokemon to catch, 100TMs moves, Battle ash companion and his rivals along the way and much more. Ugh, it looks unbelievable on the first look for a pokemon fan game to have so many features.

Play the game and you will soon realize how wonderful this game is. Experience the anime story with full gameplay up to 8 regions. The game also includes the Alola region so be ready to experience some new pokemon fights. Its gonna be hard but catch all those pokemon now.

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9. Pokemon Prism.

Pokemon Prism is an old hack of the pokemon crystal (previously a hack of gold) with great storyline and gameplay. This hack is a pokemon fan made a game of pokemon crystal. The game has a total of 253 Pokemon to capture in the game.

Pokemon Prism has a brand new region called Naljo which is bigger than the Johto region. The game was very famous back in the days. But then Nintendo sends cease notice to close the development of this game. But anonymous developers released its new version in 2016.

If you are a person who wants to play old and great pokemon prism once more than this is the perfect choice for you. For new users, the game has many things to like about and you can also give it a try. The game will make you fond of its great gameplay. So get ready.

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10. Pokemon Reborn.

Pokemon Reborn is a massive game with a great storyline. In this game, you can invest 100 hours playing this game and you will not be going to regret it. The game has around 807 Pokemon to catch. That’s a massive number of pokemon to choose from.

Pokemon Reborn also has shiny pokemon to catch and there are many pokemon you can choose from. The game also has an online battle to fight with other players. Play with your friends in the game with massive game regions.

This is not an easy game as other pokemon games are there. It is a difficult game for some people, it’s very difficult( including me) but you need to train your pokemon very much to stand a chance against this game’s gym leaders. This is a massive game for all those players who want one and only a package of Pokemon games.

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11. Pokemon Zeta and Omicron.

Pokemon Zeta and Omicron is one of the latest fan-made games to play right now. This game has also received a good rating from many sites. The game has 649 all pokemon up to 5 generations. You can catch all of these pokemon one way or another.

Pokemon Zeta and Omicron games are in beta version so there might be some bugs with the game. But so far I have played this game, I haven’t found any big bugs yet. The game is also getting updates regularly.

This game also has all the mega evolution pokemon up to 5 generations. Enhance your skills in catching pokemon with this game. The game has approximately 80 hours of gameplay time and has two big regions to explore.

The game is for those players who want a great experience with some new fan-made games. If you haven’t played this game before then give it a try. I bet you won’t gonna regret it later on.

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12. Pokemon Planet.

Pokemon Planet is one of my favourite games right now. This game a very good and awesome game which is, in my opinion, better than any other pokemon game out there. This game has many Pokemon to catch. Pokemon Planet is an MMORPG game with pokemon.

The best part about this game is that it has many features to use that you won’t gonna find in any other game out there yet. The game is in 3D shape to play and gives a great feeling while playing. It also has online battles to take part in with your friends and other players.

I mostly like the graphics of the game which is simply mind-blowing. You won’t ever regret playing this game ever. Above all, this game is free to play so you can play its awesome gameplay for absolutely free. I definitely recommend this game above any other game for you.

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13. Pokemon 3D.

Pokemon 3D is a great Pokemon fan game for those players who want to experience a true 3D game. As you can see in the picture this is a 3D pokemon fan game. It is heavily inspired by the Minecraft game for its sandbox style of gameplay.

Truth be told, the game promises to support all the regions and pokemon in the game for the future. That said, the game is really big to play. The game has many pokemon to catch too. You can see character pretty nicely now.

Taking the Minecraft approach is a really good way to show the vast region and characters of the game. If you love 3D pokemon games, then this is the best pokemon 3D game for you. Start playing your game in 3D now.

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14. Pokemon Light Platinum.

Pokemon Light Platinum is another great looking Pokemon fan game to play. The game was initially released in 2007. From then to now it has received many updates and has a pretty big community now. The game is loved by millions of people worldwide.

Pokemon Light Platinum is a hack version of Pokemon Ruby game. The game has many things improved compared to Ruby’s game. It has new tiles, new cool graphics, Pokemon of 4 regions( Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh) and much more.

The game is loved by millions of people around the world for its great graphics and gameplay. If you are looking for some cool classic ROM hack of Pokemon Ruby, then this game is a great choice for you. There are some little bugs but they are not that important.

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15. Pokemon Glazed.

Pokemon Glazed is personally my favourite game of all the pokemon fan games completed or non-completed games out there. And I am not the alone who thinks this, there are many players out there who consider Pokemon Glazed as one of the best Pokemon fan-made games of all time.

The Pokemon glazed game also has a really great storyline to follow. You can also choose your starter pokemon from 5 instead of 3 pokemon. It has around 390 Pokemon (approx) because it’s not official yet, but by counting all Pokemon I found 390 the most.

You can also use many Pokemon Glazed cheats on this game to make it more interesting or easy to play. Although I suggest minimizing your cheats on the game because it ruins the true fun of playing this game. This is the best game for all those players who want to play pokemon fan games as creative as possible.

Use different cheats to know how the games change with every cheat. But try to use them after you finish the game on your own. It will be fun trust me.

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That’s it guys, these are the top Pokemon fan games you can play in 2019. Be aware this list is not in any proper sequence so any game of the list is going to be very good at playing. That I said, I would personally recommend starting with Pokemon Glazed.

If you are looking for a short game then choose Pokemon Uranium, but be aware it’s a mature game. For a long game, I suggest choosing any game from Pokemon Mega Adventure or Pokemon Fire Ash. Both have massive regions to explore.

What do you think about these games? Do you think these games are better than the original games? Or do these games still need some improvements? Comment down below to let me know.

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