10 Best Overpowered Hero In Mobile Legend To Buy In 2019

Best Heroes In Mobile Legends In 2019

There is no doubt that Mobile Legend Bang Bang is one of the best Mobile MOBA Game right now. And the best part about this game is its overpowered heroes.

There are many Heroes in Mobile Legend game. The game is adding new heroes every month. And it becomes pretty hard to keep all of these heroes track.

The game has more than 85 heroes at the time I am writing this post. Therefore you can get the rough idea of how big this game is becoming.

There is a total of 6 Roles in Mobile Legend. And in order to be a good player in this game, you have to know and learn about your role.

These Roles are Tank, Support, Marksman, Fighter, Assassin, and Mage. Each Role has its own advantage over other roles.

The game also has mainly Three phrases of the game in a match. These phrases are Early game, Mid game and the late game.

Whoever destroy the enemy turrets first will be the winner. It is a 5 vs 5 MOBA game with online matchmaking. You can play with other players from all around the world.

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With that in mind let’s get started with the list. I am very sure that you also gonna agree with most of these heroes on the list.

Here are the best overpowered Heroes in Mobile Legend To Buy In 2019.

1. Lunox


Lunox is an overpowered mage with high burst damage skills. This hero is overpowered from the start of its release. It has very high skills burst damage.

On top of that her passive makes this mage a killer machine to kill tanks easily. Lunox also has a pretty high defence with her abilities.

Lunox is very hard to kill the hero in the Mobile Legends game. Most of the time you either ban Lunox or get wrecked or wrecked your opponent team with this hero.

This hero is a mage with high damage and sustainability. Her immunity is also a lifesaver in ganks. You should always play this hero aggressive and gank more often.

Nowadays, Lunox is not getting banned like it used to be. So get benefits from this situation and put efforts to learn this hero. It will be worth to learn this Hero in Mobile legends.

2. Gusion


Gusion is one of the best heroes with burst damage. Despite the fact that he got nerf on its second skill, the damage from his skills combos still makes this hero overpowered.

Nowadays this hero can be seen ban more often, but if nobody has banned this hero yet then this is your chance. Practice this hero more often and learn his skills combos.

To play gusion, there is not a single way to play him. Gusion is a very agile hero and probably the best assassin of mobile legend game. From the start, these heroes have been overpowered.

I recommend using magical build on this hero as he has burst damage that can kill squishy heroes very easily. This hero can also kill tanks easily if all of its combos used perfectly.

You need to play aggressively while playing with this hero as gusion is an early game Hero. So you should always dominate early and mid game with this hero.

In the late game, there are many heroes who can overpower Gusion easily. So always dominate your opponent and try to win the game as soon as possible.

Due to Gusion burst damage, it’s very hard to win against him. So make sure to master this hero as its gonna be worth it. Fun Fact, I am also a gusion user.

3. Claude



Claude is one of the best heroes in Mobile Legend right now to rank. This hero has been in the banned list for so long. Claude has some of the best burst damage with his ultimate.

This hero nowadays is not getting banned as often as before. So this might be your best chance to play this hero and master it. The best part about Claude is its speed.

Claude deals a ton of damage in a fraction of time. The best-suited item for Claude is demon hunter sword. Once you bought your first item as demon hunter sword, you will be able to deal massive damage.

The Claude is one of the most overpowered marksmen in Mobile Legends right now. Usually, Marksman is late game heroes, but Claude can deal great damage once you got demon hunter sword.

You can choose either build high-speed Claude that can deal massive damage with his ultimate or can choose critical Claude build to deals massive basic attack damage.

Practice with Claude as much as you can. This hero is very powerful and fast so its very hard to kill. Once you master Claude, Get ready to win solo rank games with MVP play.

Fun fact, I also use Claude as my main marksman hero to play solo rank games. I am not good with Claude but can say he is a worthy hero to master.

4. Grock


Grock is one of the most overpowered heroes in Mobile Legend right now. This hero has massive damage for a tank. This hero is a tank with high damage.

While playing Grock, no opponent can ignore your damage. This hero has one of the best damage in early game. Grock passive makes this hero pretty tanky.

You just need to stay with walls and you will get extra movement with extra defence. I prefer using Semi tank build on this hero to deals high damage as well as stay pretty tanky.

If you are learning this hero then try using tank build and gank more. This hero is great with ganking. It can also kill squishy heroes with a damage dealer easily.

Remember that this hero is a tank and you need to play as support. Don’t run after kills in the game and try to take objectives. After all, kills don’t bring you victory.

This hero is mainly banned in top mythic ranks these days. But if you got the chance to choose a hero then make sure to choose this fighter tank.

Many players use this hero as a fighter mostly. To make sure you know all combos, watch top players streaming for better knowledge about this hero.

5. Kimmy


Kimmy is a very dangerous marksman in Mobile legends game right now. This hero can be considered as one of the best marksmen in mobile legends right now.

Kimmy is a great hero with high damage. This hero has different controls compare to other heroes but maybe that makes this hero this special.

Normally, marksmen consume a large amount of mana in the early games. Therefore most of the time, many marksmen have to get back to base in the early games.

But in the case of Kimmy, this hero works on energy like fanny, therefore Kimmy doesn’t need to worry about mana like other marksmen.

Kimmy is an early to mid game marksmen. Most marksmen in mobile legends are late game heroes but Kimmy is different.

Most of Kimmy’s damage comes from her skills rather than basic attack. But you can build her damage as you like.

Try to learn Kimmy and master it because this is a hero that is broken in every rank game. Either ban Kimmy or get destroy by Kimmy if you don’t want to learn this hero.

6. Esmeralda


Esmeralda is one of the latest heroes right now in mobile legends at the time I am writing this post. Most of the new heroes in mobile legends are broken.

This hero has great sustainability and can deal huge damage to the enemy. Right now it’s not getting a ban as often as in future it will.

So try to learn this hero as it has some really cool skills and passive. The unique thing about this hero is its passive that is strange and has a long description.

But you can just check out guides about this hero on youtube for better understanding it’s passive. This hero can deal both magical as well as physical damage to enemies.

So you can use either physical items or magical items on this hero as you like. I recommend using magical items to make this hero tanky as well as to deal a large amount of damage.

I am pretty sure this hero surely going to get nerfs after nerfs in future because of its Overpowered skills and damage. It’s another tank which can deal massive damage.

7. Harith


Well, no list of the most overpowered heroes in Mobile legends completed without Harith. Harith is one of the most annoying and overpowered heroes in mobile legends.

Harith got some really annoying skills and can deal a ton of damage in a short amount of time. He has one of the best ultimate in mobile legends game where he can span his skills constantly.

When Harith released in mobile legends, this hero immediately become ban priority in most of the top ranked games.

Mobile legends are constantly nerfing this hero like Lancelot, but it still not enough to get this hero out of the ban list. I believe due to this hero blink skill and shield, it is tough to counter.

A huge nerf is in its way for this hero on the original server. So my guess is that it can help this hero to get out of the ban list. So if you are looking to buy any hero right now, Harith might be your best choice.

Check out the top players playing Harith, to know his abilities and combos. I am waiting for this hero to get out of the ban list cause this is one of the best heroes to play.

This hero is pretty easy to learn the hero right now. But don’t get overbored with his abilities and rush into a team fight without backup.

There are few counters to this hero in mobile legends like Minsitthar, Chou and more. Play wisely with this hero cause even though he gets nerfs a lot, he still is an overpowered hero.

I am just praying that mobile legends don’t nerf this hero as much as Lancelot. You believe it or not Lancelot got so much nerf that he comes in pretty low heroes these days.

8. Guinevere


Guinevere is the first Mage/Fighter in mobile legends history. This hero is known for its burst damage and crowd control these days.

When Guinevere was released a few months ago, this hero wasn’t so popular in ranks. The lack of immunity from crowd control made this hero very squishy and easy to kill.

Guinevere ultimate also has a low area that made easy for any CC heroes to use CC skills on this hero easily. But after receiving buff on its ultimate, the immunity from CC skills really makes this hero a beast nowadays.

Guinevere is getting picked more often these days and sooner or later is going to get banned too. But Mobile legends game has too many overpowered heroes that make hard to choose one OP hero.

I believe in my personal opinion as Guinevere is one of the most beautiful girl heroes in Mobile legends. I am a Gusion player so I would love to see both Guinevere and Gusion getting along in their story.

If you are looking to buy a new hero in mobile legends then I suggest buying Guinevere. This hero is easy to understand and can get out of a hard situation easily.

9. Leomord


Leomord is one of the OP Meta Heroes right now. This has also become one of the most powerful fighters in the Mobile legends game.

Leomord has a different set of skills and takes times to master. But once you master this hero, you easily gonna dominate the game.

This hero has very few crowd control skills and previously thought that it will never gonna make it to the Meta of the game. But the durability and lifesteal of this hero make it very difficult to kill.

Leomord Passive is also great to deals with damage to low health enemy. This is a Meta Hero right now so make sure to master it.

You can use different build on this hero according to your need and match situation. But this hero shines when you build semi damage build with great lifesteal.

This hero is like Ruby when he uses his Ultimate. You can also clear the minions wave faster with its first skill. Leomord shines within a team fight.

This hero is weak against crowd control so always read the situation before jumping in a team fight. Watch pro players gameplay on the youtube to know his combos.

10. Chou


Chou is a hero that counter many overpowered heroes on this list. He is an overpowered hero from the start. It gets banned many times in the history of the mobile legends.

Chou has huge crowd control skills that make this hero very dangerous. This hero is also pretty fast and can initiate fight easily.

You can build either damage chou or tank chou build according to the situation. A pro chou player can easily kill squishy heroes in one combo.

This hero is mostly used to counter Overpowered heroes which are hard to deals with. You can counter most of the squishy heroes with Chou.

You can also use semi tank build on this hero to deals damage as well as stay tanky. Chou also has immunity while using his second skill.

It can easily dodge any Crowd control attacks and reach to the squishy hero to secure the kill. This hero is also used to safeguard your team squishy heroes.

Chou is a great counter to Gusion, Fanny and other broken assassins to safeguard your damage dealer. Play chou more often to learn and master this hero.

Chou seems easy to learn but is hard to master. You need to have a great sense of timing when using this hero’s skills. As mobile legends state: “The king of Fighter” Chou truly is.

Honourable Mentions:


Kagura is one of the most difficult heroes to learn and has some of the best skills in mobile legends. This hero is known as one of the most versatile heroes in mobile legends.

Kagura can deal huge damage in a short amount of time while staying far from the danger. Make sure to master this hero because its gonna be totally worth it.

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Minsitthar is known as a great counter of many heroes. This hero ultimate can change the flow of a game. Master this hero to counter most of the meta heroes who rely on blink skills.


Minotaur is one of the best tanks in mobile legends right now. This hero has huge crowd control skills to control the enemy. This is one of the few heroes in Mobile legends who can control a whole team and can change the flow of a game.


One of the most annoying support heroes in the mobile legend is Angela. A perfect ultimate from this hero can save an allied hero easily. This hero is very annoying with her slow effects. When playing Angela, make sure to check minimap more often and support your ally as much as possible.


The strongest Ninja in the Mobile legend is Hanzo. This hero is one of the best jungler in mobile legends right now. While playing Hanzo, secure the buff and crab from an enemy more often and stay away from danger most of the time. This hero ultimate can become a nightmare for many heroes.


Necro is not released at this moment in mobile legends. But if we take the skills and power from the rumours, this hero will surely be going to be Overpowered hero in future. Make sure to master this hero’s combo and skills as its gonna be hard to learn hero.


So there you have it guys, these are the most overpowered heroes in Mobile Legends you can buy right now to dominate your opponents.

These heroes are in meta right now. So try to master these heroes to win your game. Most of these heroes might get nerfs in future but I am pretty sure they still gonna be pretty powerful.

If any of these heroes are not banned in the Rank game, then go ahead and pick one of these heroes. It’s gonna be worth your time to master any of these heroes.

The last tip I have for you to master any hero is trying to learn newly released heroes. Most of the newly released heroes are Overpowered and are not banned most of the time.

So which hero do you think is overpowered in Mobile legends? If you want me to create a new post about mobile legends heroes then comment down below.