Best Mobile GPU For Gaming In Smartphone [Updated 2019]

Best mobile GPU for Gaming

When it comes to gaming on phones there are a lot of devices today we can use. But a good gaming smartphone needs a powerful GPU that can handle heavy games easily with great performance and battery backup.

The mobile gaming industry is increasing rapidly these days. And it is estimated that in 2020, 63% of US mobile users will be playing games on their smartphones.

In some developing countries like India, There are more mobile gamers than pc gamers overall. It is due to the fact that mostly the gamers in India couldn’t afford to buy a gaming pc or laptop at all.

A lot of big gaming companies also focusing on making great mobiles games for gamers around the world.

But there are tons of smartphones in the market right now that it becomes hard to know which smartphone is best for gaming.

But the performance of a game on a smartphone doesn’t depend only on the CPU of that smartphone. The GPU of the smartphone also plays a pretty big role in the performance of the games.

Why We Need A Better GPU In The Smartphone At All?

For all those folks who think buying the latest smartphone will eventually going to provide them with the best GPU, think again. Although the latest smartphones come with pretty great GPU that doesn’t mean it’s the best.

The GPU in a smartphone is quite different than your pc GPU. In smartphones, Battery life is very important.

You can not expect your CPU manufactures to provide you with a GPU who can literally suck up all of your tiny smartphone’s battery.

So the smartphone GPU is designed to provide the best performance under less power. It makes your smartphone to not only handle multitask and heavy games but also provide battery backup for you to listen to music from your office to home.

So there you have it, basically, GPU in smartphone provides awesome Graphics for your gaming in less battery consumption. Some other apps also can utilize this power in your smartphone.

Best Mobile GPU For Gaming In 2019 For Hardcore Gamers:

GPU in the smartphone is made by many companies overall. You can buy PowerVR GPU in Mediatech processor as well as in Apple Bionic processors.

Because GPU comes with processor mostly, therefore, I am going to suggest which Processor you should consider buying instead of just searching for every smartphone who has that GPU.

In this Post, I am going to divide this Mobile GPU list into Two different lists. One for Higher end smartphone and other for mid-range range smartphone GPU.

So here are the best mobile GPU for gaming In 2019 for higher end GPU.

1. Adreno GPU

Adreno 640

Adreno GPU can be considered as the best GPU for android gaming in the higher-end smartphone. The Adreno GPU can only found in the Qualcomm support smartphones.

This GPU is specially made by Qualcomm using ATI Technology. This series GPU varies in all segment of smartphones.

You can find many great mid-range GPU as well as high-end GPU in most of the Android devices these days. The latest Adreno GPU is called Adreno 640 which comes with Snapdragon 855 processor.

The performance of Adreno 640 is basically 20% more than it’s the previous Adreno 630. You can find this processor in most of the high-end smartphone that tends to come in mid or late 2019.

But if you want a smartphone right now with Adreno GPU, you can simply buy Google Pixel 3, Upcoming Samsung galaxy S10 or S10+.

Adreno 640 performance can be imagined just by looking at the upcoming Lenovo smartphone Antutu benchmark score.

Snapdragon 855 benchmark

You see, this data is from a Chinese site but the leading smartphone at the time writing this post is Lenovo Z5 Pro GT with snapdragon 855.

If you like to buy a smartphone with Adreno GPU then I suggest Buying Google Pixel 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and the latest Samsung galaxy S10 plus Snapdragon variant.

2. Apple Bionic GPU

 Apple A12 Bionic GPU

There is no denying that Apple Bionic GPU is some of the best GPU in high end right now. The latest A12 Bionic GPU in iPhone XS is 50% more powerful than the previous A11 GPU.

Due to the fact that Apple made premium smartphone devices, each and every release of the new Bionic processor come with a powerful GPU.

In most of the benchmarks, The bionic chip takes the lead from its competitors. The fact that the ios OS is also specially optimized for Bionic processor gives it another boost in performance.

But the cost of the iPhone will surely be going to make you think twice before buying this smartphone. But money isn’t your concern then iPhone packs a really powerful gaming GPU.

This GPU can easily handle most of the mobile games right now and will also be able to support future gaming demands for the next few years.

If you are looking to buy the new iPhone than I recommend buying iPhone Xs and it’s bigger version iPhone Xs prime.

The iPhone XR is also an option but the lack of 1080p display will surely be going to make you regret your decision.

3. Mali GPU

Mali G76

Mali GPU is another GPU in the high end which can be considered a good performance GPU. This GPU can handle many heavy games easily and also provides a good battery backup.

You most likely going to find Mali GPU in most of the non-Qualcomm android devices. This GPU has many low and high-end versions.

This GPU can be tweak by the CPU manufacture a little to provide a balance performance. The GPU can be found in the latest Kirin processors.

The Mediatech processors also tend to used Mali GPU in both high and budget end smartphone. But as Mediatech is less likely to provide high-end CPU, you can say it is used in Budget CPU mostly.

The latest Kirin 980 and the Samsung Exynos 9820 processor comes with the latest Mali g76 GPU. It’s a well-rounded GPU capable of handling high-end gaming.

If you are curious about whether or not Mali is better than Adreno, the answer is in gaming its Adreno.

But if you are still looking to buy a Mali GPU smartphone then I am going to suggest buying Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos version and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

4. PowerVR GPU


PowerVR GPU is another GPU with great power for high gaming. This GPU is not as good GPU as other GPU on this list.

The Latest version PowerVR GPU is now can be found in Mediatech P90 Chipset. Although this chipset is good but is not as good as other chipsets on this list.

This GPU has some good options in the Budget section of the smartphone but in the High end, this software is not a good choice to go with.

If money is not your concern that much, then I don’t think you should buy a PowerVR GPU for gaming. Ever Apple manufacturing their own Bionic GPU rather than using PowerVR GPU.

This GPU was a great choice back in the days but in 2019, it’s not near close to the best GPU on the market. I don’t have any suggestion regarding buying a PowerVR GPU smartphone.

If budget is your concern then you can simply buy Poco F1 or F2 for just around 300$. But do remember that it lacks some bands to support some US network providers.

List 1 Conclusion:

So there you have it, these are the top high-end GPU for gaming in 2019. These GPUs are mostly used in the world and really popular in the mobile GPU market.

You need to remember the fact that a Smartphone GPU has to maintain a balance between performance and power consumptions.

Today the best bet on any smartphone in high end will be on 7 nm chipset processors. Because they are designed to perform better in less power.

In my opinion, the Adreno GPU is the best when it comes to gaming on smartphones. But Apple own house GPU is also not far behind in term of gaming.

The Mali GPU is also a great performer in gaming and low power consumption whereas PowerVR is pretty behind from these top-notch GPUs.

Which mobile GPU is your favourite to play your games? Let me know in the comment section.

Here are the best GPU in Mid Range for Gaming in 2019:

1. Mali GPU

Mali g71

Mali GPU can be considered as one of the best bet in mid-range devices when it comes to gaming. But this is not the case all the time.

Although Mali GPU comes with a great performance in gaming, it still lacks behind Adreno GPUs. But given the fact that price is more important in this segment.

You can buy a much better smartphone for the same price as you buy Snapdragon smartphones.

But this condition only possible in some regions. Companies like Xiaomi can easily offer you a great price ranged budget smartphone.

But you will be going to find many varieties of GPU and devices in this section and most likely you gonna find this Mali GPU.

If I have to choose the best processor with Mali GPU, I would choose Mediatech Halio P60 and Halio P70.

The best smartphone with Mali GPU right now will be Realme U1 and Nokia 5.1 plus smartphone.

2. Adreno GPU

Adreno 512

Adreno GPU is no doubt the best mobile GPU for gaming right now in terms of Raw Power. This GPU can handle heavy games easily in the budget section.

If you have money to buy a decent Adreno GPU then go for it. If you plan to buy a gaming GPU smartphone then definitely check out the Adreno budget GPU series.

Mostly the budget GPU from Adreno comes in the 400 series. You should definitely check out which smartphone processor from Qualcomm is the latest.

The best smartphone that I can suggest for budget Gamers will be smartphones with Qualcomm 660 and 710 processors like Xiaomi A2 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and 7 Pro.

3. PowerVR GPU


PowerVR is another GPU provider with some decent graphics on a budget smartphone. The market share of this GPU is low compared to the other two GPU.

This GPU is often used by Apple in making its previous smartphones. But now Apple is making its own in house GPU in its Smartphone.

Although PowerVR offers great performance in gaming fewer companies are interesting in this GPU. But now in the latest Mediatech Halio P90, this GPU can shine again.

The CPU has very much power it most likely to depend on PowerVR GPU performance in gaming.

I am hoping the latest GPU from PowerVR will be a great GPU in High budget section. The apple doesn’t have any smartphone in the budget category so its GPU is not on this list.

List 2 Conclusion:

In the budget section, Adreno GPU is still the best in term of performance. But Mali GPU is also not behind from this GPU.

Mali GPU is a great option when choosing to use a budget smartphone for gaming.

The Best mobile GPU for gaming must be right now Adreno 640 in Qualcomm 855 processor.

If you like playing games then you might be interesting checking out the best Pokemon fan games to play this summer.

If you have the option to buy a budget smartphone than I suggest using Adreno GPU that is Qualcomm processor devices first. And then choose Mali GPU smartphones.

PowerVR also has some good amount of features and performance but is not consistent or matchup to the Adreno or Mali standards.

Overall Conclusion:

When it comes to gaming in mobiles, The best GPU is Adreno latest GPU. The Adreno GPU provides great performance in less power for your smartphone.

If you are an Apple fan, then don’t worry because Apple own made Bionic GPU is also pretty strong and powerful gaming beast.

The Mali GPU is also great choice both in High end and budget end gaming smartphone. Whereas PowerVR is not as strong as other big GPU right now.

When choosing a smartphone always remember to check out its version and date of release. Go to google and search how much power this GPU has.

There are tons of GPU from Adreno and Mali that can make you confuse and can lead to wrong GPU choice. Make sure to personally check the latest version of the GPU.

Which GPU do you think is the best overall?