Top 10 Apps Like Mobdro for Android, iOS & PC 2020

Mobdro is one of the best apps available to watch and stream movies online. It used to be on the top spot for apps to watch movies, shows and series for free, but as time progressed, many alternatives showed up and took its place.

None the less it is a good thing because you may have realized by now how often these services tend to go offline. Sometimes it is because of maintenance and the downtime last only for a few hours. But usually, when they go down, they don’t come back up for at least a couple of days.

So it is a good thing that we have other alternative apps like mobdro. Also, Mobdro is only available on Android devices right now, no iOS or PC versions are available. But no need to worry as I will also be covering some of best apps like mobdro for iOS and PC as well.

With this, here is a list of the alternatives apps, they offer same if not better quality of content to stream and download. All these apps work like a charm, and you can stream movies for free from your device.


1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix comes integrated with Trakt, which can help you to keep a record of movies that you watch. It also provides you with good movie recommendations based on your watch history. It is available on windows, mac and also on android.

Top 10 Apps Like Mobdro for Android, iOS & PC 2020 11

Most of the recent releases movie titles are available for streaming here for free. It will give a couple of video sources from which you can select the one you prefer. If a movie has more than one audio source, you can choose the one you prefer from within the player. Subtitles can also be turned on/off from the player itself.

Available on: PC, iOS, Android



2. Showbox

Showbox is an excellent choice for watching free movies on Android devices. It is a very popular mobdro alternative, and it works both on Android and iOS.

Although like most of the other apps which offer free media streaming, it does have ads. But they are tolerable and are not very intrusive. For UI, it is very much like mobdro in both looks and usability. As far as content goes, on Showbox, you can watch the latest episodes of series, newly released movies along with other video media.

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Available on: iOS, Android



3. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV used to be one of the best apps to watch and stream movies online. It has seemed many ups and downs, but the thing is it always rises back from its ashes. Recently, it did the same and somehow came back from the dead.

It is like most of other alternatives, providing you with a very decent library of movies to watch and download. Combine it with the ability to choose video hosts with quality, and you get a nice app to watch n stream movies for free.

Terrarium tv is available for both Android & iOS and does work pretty well when it is up.

Available on: iOS, Android



4. Freeflix

Along with me, freeflix is the app of choice for many people who want to watch the latest movies for free online. Freeflix has an excellent catalogue of movies, series, shows and even anime. All these categories regularly get topped-up with the latest offerings.

Top 10 Apps Like Mobdro for Android, iOS & PC 2020 12

It is effortless to navigate around, and you can search for your favorite episodes with ease. You can also use the trakt integration to search for new shows and movies or to keep track of your watch list.

Available on: iOS, Android



5. MegaBox

Megabox can be installed on any Android or iOS device to watch movies & series in best possible quality. While the resolution may vary, most of the titles can be streamed or even downloaded in 720p or 1080p in some cases.

I haven’t tried this app yet but many of my friends use it, and for them, it works like a charm. They mostly use it to watch movies, but the app offers much more than that. You can choose from various genres of movies, anime, cartoons, series and shows.

It works relatively well on Android devices, and like most of the others apps on the list, it is not on play store for an apparent reason. SO you need to visit the link below to download it.

Available on: iOS, Android



6. Crackle

For letting you watch movies and various other stuff for free, crackle has to serve you ads. They have in-video ads, like the ones you see on youtube. It is only available in selected countries, but you can jump to this section on ‘unblock free movie sites and apps‘ to find ways to access it.

sony crackle

It allows you to watch a select number of movies and exclusive shows for free. Even if it does not have all of the latest movies, it does provide you with some popular classic titles and some select shows, and that’s too, for free. You can either use their website if on PC, or their app to watch movies on the go.

Available on: iOS, Android, Web



7. CinemaBox

Tons of movies from various genres are available for streaming. You can enjoy movies in HD with/without subtitles using their default in-built player. You can also use any other player if your choice (Android only).

Along with movies, the cinenabox app serves a variety of other content as well. You can watch the TV series, shows and even anime & cartoon shows as well.

The cinemabox app is available for both iOS & Android, but like others, it is not on play store. Visit the link below to download it.

Available on: iOS, Android



8. Leonflix

Leonflix is new in the game, but it works decently enough to be included in the list. The UI is very responsive and user-friendly.

Top 10 Apps Like Mobdro for Android, iOS & PC 2020 13

It does go offline sometimes, but it’s expected Of these types of apps. It grabs its links via other video hosting sites, and unlike many others, it does not display ads at all. Most of the new movies will be available here, but quality can be a little low sometimes. It also comes with an option which allows you to use vlc instead of its default in-built player.

Available on: PC



9. Netflix

Netflix has a lot of shows and movies that you watch; they offer all their media in a feature-packed player and that too in Full HD quality. Along with that, they have their exclusive shows and series. All of them are fun to watch, and a new series comes out every month, so there is always something to watch.

Top 10 Apps Like Mobdro for Android, iOS & PC 2020 14

Netflix app is available on Android and iOS devices, and their website works well on PCs and Mac’s. You can also enjoy their full services on Smart TVs & Android boxes.

You don’t need money to try Netflix. You can use their 30-day trial offer and enjoy their full content for a month. After that, it is like $8 a month which is very cheap considering the content that you are get.

Available on: iOS, Android, Web



10. Amazon Prime Video

They may be new in the field of video streaming, but they are spreading their roots with time. Tons of new stuff is added to their subscription each month, and as of now, they have a very decent quantity of watchable media.

Top 10 Apps Like Mobdro for Android, iOS & PC 2020 15

Again like Netflix, you can try their services before paying for any subscription. Prime has the same trial period, one month and after that only 9$ for Prime video.

Available on: iOS, Android, Web


Unblock Free Movie apps & sites

All these apps can be used without any restrictions are usually not blocked by any workplace or institution. However, if you are using any other app & they are blocked for you due to some reasons, A simple VPN can help you to get past the sensor.

I would recommend turbo VPN for accessing blocked apps or sites. While most of the good VPN’s are paid, this one works decently, offers unlimited data and is free to use.



I will have to end this post here hoping that you got your working mobdro alternative from here. Thank you for making it to the end. I have tried my best to provide you with up-to-date and working links. But if for some reasons, the links break, ping me in the comments, and I will fix it asap.

All of these apps should be working fine and if they are not, try another one. As I have already mentioned, they do tend to go offline randomly sometimes. We will be updating this post from time to time to keep the list of working free apps ike mobdro updated.


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